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9.2 / 10

In our Business Intelligence training you as a project leader, manager or employee, not only learn about the theory but also the practical Business Intelligence frameworks. Because only knowledge that you can (quickly) apply counts nowadays. You know that with the right KPIs, data analyses, and management information you could achieve better results. But you also notice that this is not easy in practice: people do not always “listen” to the dashboards and KPIs. With this Analytics course, you will become a master in Business Intelligence & Analytics and you will learn and master all the important facets of this beautiful profession. Request an in-company course here.

Business Intelligence training that clears up questions

CEO and lecturer Daan van Beek, author of the bestseller Data Science Book, will take you into the world of strategy, organizational control, data, KPIs, dashboards, data warehousing, Big Data, and data visualization, among other things, in this interactive Business Intelligence training. During this analytics training, you will get answers to the following questions:

  • What is the meaning and importance of Business Intelligence & Analytics, dashboards, algorithms, and good data architecture?
  • How do you perform a thorough information analysis, where and how do you find the best insights, how do you identify the most striking KPI examples and how do you get the business case for BI & Analytics completed?
  • With which project approach do you take the right steps and effectively manage risks?
  • How will you build a data warehouse that matches the needs of the business and the maturity level of the organization?
  • How should you deal with Big Data, a diversity of data sources, algorithms, and Predictive Analytics?
  • What effects can you expect from effective data visualization and what should you pay attention to when displaying information graphically?
  • How will you manage those BI success factors that drive higher business results?
  • How do you get all business managers and IT staff on board?
  • What functions and roles does a successful Business Analytics team have, what competencies do they have and how do you build a BICC?
  • Which BI tools are suitable for your situation and how do you build a future-proof BI infrastructure?

If you are faced with one or more of these questions, our in-company Business Intelligence training is the first step towards an intelligent, data-driven organization.

The contents of the Business Intelligence training

This practical analytics training provides you with bundled, directly applicable knowledge to make BI a real success. And you will learn all the skills and techniques required to do so. Participants are prepared for a leading and advisory role in the BI process:

DAY 1: Basics, trends, project management & data-driven organization

Business Intelligence trainingOn the first day of Business Intelligence training, we explain the rationale behind management information. Furthermore, the Intelligent Organization framework and key BI trends will be covered. Then we will go deeper into data quality, data warehouse, the benefits of business intelligence, and a business intelligence competency center.

This day will also cover many business intelligence applications and teach you how to successfully complete a business intelligence project. We will cover the following topics in detail:

  • Definitions and the Intelligent, data-driven organization: what is business intelligence? What is management information? What are the 4 main characteristics of an intelligent, data-driven organization? How to develop a vision on management information and how to ensure better decision-making in your own organization based on actionable data and insights.
  • Trends in BI: what are the latest BI trends? You will learn more about mobile BI, Big Data, BI in the Cloud, Social Media, and Advanced Analytics. We zoom in especially on the question in which situation you can best apply these concepts.
  • Data warehouse: what are the main goals of a data warehouse and what should you pay attention to when implementing it? The lecturer also discusses the essence of metadata, architecture, data modeling, and data integration.
  • Data quality: what is the importance of good data quality and what methods and tools are there to improve data quality as a continuous process?
  • BI Project Management & Governance: different methodologies such as the waterfall method, agile and scrum are reviewed. You will also be introduced to the 10 most important project risks and pitfalls and delivery models. Finally, you will learn why and how to set up a business intelligence competency center (BICC).

At the end of the first day of this Business Analytics training, you will know the main principles and definitions of BI & Analytics. After this intensive day, you look forward to the second day to take the next step: creating a change plan for your own organization.

DAY 2: BI strategy and skills, the BI roadmap and growing in maturity

Business Intelligence courseDuring the second day of this Business Intelligence training you will learn to formulate the policy, vision, and strategy for BI, set a dot on the horizon and create a BI roadmap. The emphasis is on the role of the main stakeholders: management, shop floor, process owners and IT. How do you get them on board and how do you ensure lasting commitment and enthusiasm for data analytics?

This second day will also cover the most important BI consultancy skills so that your team can develop from a “report factory” into a professional team with all-round BI consultants. We will cover the following components during this day:

  • The business case for BI: why is a business case important? You are introduced to the key components of a good business case. And you learn to make one yourself based on a number of best practices, process thinking and strategic, tactical, and operational decision making in your organization.
  • Maturity in BI: what levels of maturity and ambition can you distinguish within the Business Intelligence discipline? And above all, how can you diagnose, chart a path and grow to a higher level of ambition for your own organization?
  • BI Change Plan: together with the other participants you will develop in groups a BI mission and a complete change plan for your own organization based on a vision. This forms a first step towards a Business Intelligence roadmap that you can further refine after this analytics course.
  • BI consulting skills: what is the role of the modern BI consultant and what is their scope of work? What dilemmas does a BI consultant encounter? And with what techniques and specific skills can you solve them?

By the end of this day, you will already become well-versed in the subject and be able to apply the key elements of change when creating a BI roadmap. So this Business Intelligence course not only outlines the theoretical frameworks but also lets you practice and immediately gives you the practical tools you need.

DAY 3: KPIs, information analysis, 15 BI steps, data visualization & BI success

This part of the Business Intelligence training is all about the user side of BI. The instructor discusses the complete BI process, determining pure KPIs, the 1 million insights, and enhancing User eXperience (UX), including through effective data visualization.

All 15 steps of Business Analytics listed below are covered:

BI cycle
Figure 1: The fifteen steps of the Business Intelligence process.

You will also be introduced to the business intelligence framework that delivers the right insights to the right place for everyone, based on organizational roles, without detours. At the same time, the success factors and pitfalls for Business Intelligence pass by one by one. During this final training day, you will learn more about the following topics:

  • Business Intelligence as a process: get acquainted at a detailed level with the fifteen steps for processing, analyzing, distributing information, and especially its effective use.
  • Information analysis & determining KPIs: you will be introduced to the four main methodologies for information analysis and determining the most essential BI content. How do you arrive at the truly unadulterated KPIs and how do you identify the 1 million insights? Participants will work with this in groups.
  • User eXperience (UX): you will learn to enhance the ease of use of information through powerful data visualization techniques. What psychological effects and cognitive frameworks do you have to take into account?
  • Organizational roles & BI frameworks: you will learn to make insights suitable and reusable for the different organizational roles. You will also be introduced to a smart, directly applicable model for information distribution.
  • BI success: how do you make BI a big success in your organization? What are the 12 most critical success factors? What specifically should you pay attention to and what can you start focusing on? You will also learn why analytics and alignment, agile working, and continuous improvement are closely linked.

At the end of the last day of this 3-day Business Intelligence training, you’ll get some final tips from the instructor, and after a short evaluation session, you’ll receive your certificate and a digital badge for LinkedIn.

The dates of the next training courses in Dutch can be found here. If you want the training in English and tailored to your company, contact us.

Discover the success factors of Business Intelligence

Our three-day Business Intelligence training course addresses both business and technical aspects of Business Intelligence. Think KPIs, analytics, Big Data, data warehouse, data quality, BICC, BI project management, data visualization, BI strategy, and change management. But above all, you will gain in-depth insight into the success factors of Business Intelligence.

How do you implement successful BI process improvements?

In three intensive days, all business intelligence elements necessary for successful BI and process improvement are covered. People who have completed our three-day Business Intelligence training are in an excellent position to take the right steps in their business intelligence project and choose the right implementation route for their organization.

Illustration of a Business Intelligence framework
Figure 2: The Business Intelligence framework that we will go through step by step during this Business Intelligence course.

All blocks will be covered in detail during this interactive and practical analytics training. You will learn the difference between information and data. The instructor also gives you a thorough insight into KPIs, standards and the necessary Business Intelligence wisdom to work on better decision-making and performance for your organization based on facts and data.

Interactive training Business Intelligence

During each training day, group discussions take place and you work in groups on practical assignments. This creates an optimal mix between learning and doing. Upon completion of this unique Business Intelligence training, participants receive a certificate and a signed copy of the bestseller ‘Data Science Book‘.

Additional information on this BI training course

This Business Intelligence course is offered in-company. Some of the attributes are listed below:

higher education level
VAT exempt
no study load

interactive & practical
certified digital certificate
from 9:00 to 17:00

This course is also offered in Dutch as a part of a 10-day Master of Data Science track and CBIP certification.

Become a Business Intelligence professional

Who is this BI & Analytics course intended for?

For anyone involved in a BI project, our Business Intelligence training provides valuable guidance. Our BI & Analytics training is especially popular among: (future) business intelligence project leaders, project managers, Business Intelligence managers, IT managers, business analysts, BI employees, (business) controllers, Chief Data Officers, CIOs, and business managers.

Learning objectives achieved at the end of this BI course

  • You will know the key benefits and success factors of BI
  • You will have mastered both the business and technical aspects of BI
  • You will have an indication of your organization’s BI maturity and ambitions
  • You will develop in groups a complete BI vision and change plan for your organization
  • You will be able to make a sound business case for BI
  • You will know how to develop a Business Intelligence roadmap
  • You will know how to formulate flawless KPIs for your business
  • You will know how effective data visualization works
  • You will be able to assess which BI tools are relevant to your organization
  • You will have gained insight into the critical success factors for Business Analytics

Register here for our Business Intelligence training

Through our registration form you can directly register for a Business Intelligence training in-company. If you have any questions about our 3-day training in BI & Analytics, please contact us directly.

What do universities say about this BI training?

Piet Ribbers“BI and Big Data are hot topics. Also within the universities, where people are setting up new programs for that. They are strongly focused on building tools. The people who want to take such training need to have a decent background in math and statistics.”

“What I was looking for were people who could talk about how you deploy those tools in an organization, how they contribute to performance improvement, and what it takes to make that happen. I looked around and didn’t find that many people who could do that. And who, moreover, are able to do that in front of a critical audience of people with experience.”

“I got the feeling it was going to be a difficult story, but I started talking to Daan van Beek of the Passionned Group. To my delight, he responded very enthusiastically. We made an appointment, and in that conversation, he also opened some new perspectives for me. I became convinced that Daan was the right person to provide our BI training. That is why I have placed our own master’s degree in BI & Big Data in his hands with complete confidence.” said Prof. Piet M.A. Ribbers, TIAS.

About the lecturer

Daan van beekLecturer and consultant Daan van Beek MSc, author of the “Data Science Book” has more than 20 years of experience as a Business Intelligence consultant, program manager and trainer. This 3-day Business Intelligence training course was designed by him ten years ago and is constantly refined and perfected. Daan also teaches in India, New York, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Suriname. In the Netherlands, he teaches Business Intelligence & AI at the RC program at TIAS. He studied Administrative Information Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Rotterdam and London.

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Reviews about Business Intelligence Training

Number of reviews: 10Average rating: 9.2 / 10
8 / 10
Edwin Nagelvoort | Nagelvoort IT Management | February 19, 2024

Excellent, lots of variation between practice and theory. You continue to fascinate us and the course gives us food for thought. I was able to zoom in or delve more deeply into certain topics. Many thanks Daan!

contact us now
10 / 10
Claudia Vissers | Gebroeders Blokland Development and Construction BV | November 23, 2023

Educational training with an enthusiastic trainer.

contact us now
10 / 10
Sander Heesterbeek | Iknl | October 10, 2023

Good insight into BI. It's realistic and practical, you can immediately apply to your organization.

contact us now
8 / 10
Herwin Broenink | ELIX | September 5, 2023

Very good format. The variety of theory and assignments was pleasant. The theory was applied to participants' companies thus learning different methods and views was nice. In terms of content, the first day was less in line with what I was looking for than the last two. I found the second day and especially the last day very valuable.

contact us now
10 / 10
Harold ten Hove | Ten Hove Informatie Systematiek | August 4, 2023

The practical examples accompanying the theory and interaction with the participant group makes you stay actively involved, and develop an understanding of all roles within the bi process

contact us now
8 / 10
Bruno Tuijt | Centrient Pharmaceuticals | January 17, 2023

Good for starters, clear, useful handles and tools. Review of Business Intelligence training .

contact us now
10 / 10
Surrendra Santokhi | Local Government | December 8, 2022

Informative and well connected to new developments. Review on Business Intelligence training.

contact us now
10 / 10
Harmen Weuring | SSC Espria | November 13, 2022

Super meaningful and many tangents to the challenges facing our organization. Review on Business Intelligence training.

contact us now
8 / 10
Armand Vaessen | Real Estate Company | October 27, 2022

Good overview of Business Intelligence and perspective: BI is not set in stone. Room for discussion and nuance. Excellent and very enlightening on the essentials. Confident given the instructor's experience.

contact us now
10 / 10
Nico de Jonge | ABN AMRO Lease | October 27, 2022

I was able to immediately apply my acquired knowledge in practice. I would definitely recommend Business Consultants in all industries to take the Business Intelligence course at Passionned Group. I found it extremely successful.

contact us now
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