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The CRM & Customer Interaction Guide™ 2024 gives you instant access to a large amount of directly applicable and practical knowledge about Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales Management, Campaign Management & Marketing. Whether you want to select a CRM tool or vendor, or you want to learn everything about the CRM field itself, this guide will save you a lot of time. All the (out)searching has already been done for you: we have “sized up” the vendors and mapped out the complete field. We do this from a 100% independent perspective. This unique guide is updated quarterly. Download the CRM & Customer Interaction Guide 2024 immediately.

What are the features of the CRM & Customer Interaction Guide?

Compiled by experts with more than 20 years of experience in the field, the CRM & Customer Interaction Guide is designed for the broad community of employees, consultants, and managers who are (or will be) involved in Customer Relationship Management and optimizing customer experiences. The applications of this guide are many, but the two most common uses of the CRM & Customer Interaction Guide are:

1. Tool selection: shortlist vendors at lightning speed

Select and evaluate vendor(s) that best fit the requirements of your organization or project. Quickly create a shortlist of vendors that meet your (knockout) selection criteria. The guide contains 250+ selection criteria with a layered structure with drill-downs up to three levels deep.

Insights per themeFigure 1: Initially you can see the ranking of the various vendors on 15 main categories but you can easily downtrend and zoom in on detailed aspects. The ratings in the image above are not complete, so you cannot draw any conclusions from this.

The strengths and weaknesses directly shown

See at a glance what are the most and the least developed sides of suppliers. Use the self-service analysis module (optional extra) to determine which suppliers you want to keep in sight and which topics and selection criteria you consider important. Use the CRM & Customer Interaction for an objective supplier assessment, in the run-up to an RFP process, a tool selection, or in preparation for a presentation. All the charts in our guide can be used in your presentations, tweets or posts in no time and free of charge.

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2. Online training: broaden, refine and deepen your knowledge

Easily broaden and deepen your professional knowledge using hundreds of (shorter) training courses, tech talks, lectures, demos, tutorials, and so on. Stay up to date with daily news within the CRM, Service Management, and market field.

CRM guide learning moduleFigure 2: The training module contains more than 500 videos and helps you deepen and broaden your knowledge of the field.

Become proficient in all relevant definitions and concepts and utilize the valuable insights from the extensive video library. For example, follow a mini-lecture on marketing automation from a global expert in the field. Understand the finer points of customer relationship, sales management, email marketing, master data, service management, and data quality.

CRM guide learning moduleFigure 3: Multiple videos on CRM educationally illustrate what the possibilities are and what to look out for to achieve success in managing customer relationships.

We’ve brought all these applications together in one easy-to-use, sleekly designed guide so you can get your job done faster and advise your colleagues or clients more effectively. Become an even more successful CRM consultant/manager now and order this CRM & Customer Interaction Guide today.

The topics in this unique guide: 250+ selection criteria

The following main topics are included in the online CRM & Customer Interaction Guide. Each main topic also includes a large number of sub-topics.

360-degree view
Address cleaning
Advanced reports
Automation platform
Business relationships
Campaign management
Case management
Cloud infrastructure
CRM analytics
CRM Call center
Customer data platform
Customer journeys
Customer lifetime value
Customer loyalty management
Customer service management
Customizable layouts
Data privacy
Data quality
Email integration
Generative AI
Hierarchy support
Lead conversion
Lead generation
Marketing automation
Mobile CRM
Opportunity management
Pipeline graphs
Task management
Sales dashboards
Sales management
Self-service portal
Small businesses
Social CRM
Social media integration

This is just some of the great learning potential of our CRM & Customer Interaction Guide: you won’t run out of things to learn. In addition, you will experience how the market works, which vendors are active, and what their strengths and weaknesses are. Get maximum efficiency from the CRM & Customer Interaction Guide. Download it today.

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The vendors and their product portfolio

The CRM & Customer Interaction Guide 2024 contains up-to-date material from all major CRM vendors with all their relevant products. The radar charts allow you to compare a CRM vendor with all other vendors at a glance, giving you a balanced view of the functionality and the strengths and weaknesses of a vendor and its various products.

CRM guide insights per vendorFigure 4: Radar charts flawlessly expose the strengths and weaknesses of the various suppliers.

You will get to know all the vendors and their product portfolio. Every quarter we update this guide so you’re never behind. Is your supplier not listed? We’ll add a relevant supplier for you upon request.

This vendor has an integral platform without a clear product portfolio.

This vendor has an integral platform without a clear product portfolio.

The following products were included in our study:

Freshsales - Freshworks CRM - Freshworks Analytics - Freshworks Freshdesk

The following products were included in our study:

HubSpot CRM - HubSpot Sales Outlook - HubSpot Mobile App

This vendor has an integral platform without a clear product portfolio.

The following products were included in our study:

Microsoft Dynamics - Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot

The following products were included in our study:

Oracle CRM - Siebel CRM - Oracle Eloqua - Oracle Service Cloud

The following products were included in our study:

Pega Sales Automation - Pega Customer Service - Pega Customer Decision Hub - Pega Customer Relationship Management

The following products were included in our study:

Pipedrive CRM - Pipedrive Marketplace

The following products were included in our study:

Salesforce Scheduler - Einstein - Salesforce CRM - Salesforce Service Cloud - Salesforce AI - Salesforce Customer 360

The following products were included in our study:

SAP CRM - SAP Customer Experience - SAP Customer Data

The following products were included in our study:

ServiceNow Store - ServiceNow platform - ServiceNow Virtual Agent - ServiceNow Reporting

The following products were included in our study:

SUGARCRM Platform - Sugarcrm One

The following products were included in our study:

Zendesk CRM - Zendesk Sunshine - Zendesk Happyfox

The following products were included in our study:

Zoho CRM - Zoho Creator - Zoho CRM Plus - Zoho Marketing Automation - Zoho Survey

In addition, the CRM & Customer Interaction Guide also includes line graphs that allow you to visualize vendor results over time. This also gives you instant insight into how fast or slow a supplier is evolving. The CRM & Customer Interaction Guide works on any device and is divided into five practical chapters (modules). Each license allows you to access the guide on three different devices. If you want more people to use this guide, you can easily adjust it online.

CRM guide self service moduleFigure 5: With the self-service module, you decide which suppliers and criteria are in scope.

The self-service module is the last part of this guide. You can work with more than 250 criteria yourself to find the right match between your requirements and the various CRM platforms.

The 5 main advantages of this guide at a glance

  • You save a lot of time because all relevant information is right in front of you
  • Our research is 100% objective, we have no preferences or commercial ties
  • The guide has a clear structure and is richly illustrated with charts
  • All survey results strengthen your negotiating position
  • Regular updates provide you with the latest trends every quarter

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The CRM & Customer Interaction Guide is the first digital guide that is 100 percent based on objective data and completely free of bias. Try it out: for 575 euros (excluding VAT) you will acquire all the knowledge you need to choose the right CRM software for your project. Click here to download the guide.

About the author Daan van Beek MSc

Daan van BeekDaan van Beek, CEO of Passionned Group, has compiled this comprehensive CRM guide based on over 20 years of experience as a BI & CRM consultant, teacher, and manager. He has been following and researching vendors since 2007, measuring vendors and comparing their tools objectively. He conveys his groundbreaking ideas about BI, CRM, Big Data, and Data Science, among other things, during lectures. He also regularly conducts master classes in BI & AI in Malaysia, Singapore, Paramaribo, New York, and South Africa. At the renowned business school TIAS, he teaches the subjects Artificial Intelligence & Data Science.

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