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John S | VSO | February 1, 2023

The ETL & Data Integration Guide has been a great resource, full of information and insight into the top tools and companies on the market. The interactive report is drillable for deeper understanding, and links to tons of supporting information, videos, and news updates. I couldn't be happier with the Guide, and Daan has been available, responsive, and extremely helpful since I received it. 5-stars! Review about ETL & Data Integration Guide™ 2023.

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Hans ter Braak | Director | January 30, 2023

The book is very easy to read because it is written in clear language. That is what appealed to me the most. It is also a confirmation of the knowledge I have gained over the years in BI/AI projects. I think chapters 1 to 7 and section 9.2 form the core of the story, the topics of the remaining chapters are also described in less detail but in more of an overview of the latest trends. Review about Artificial Intelligence book.

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Peter Mulder | Information manager | January 30, 2023

What struck me, you didn't just take a detailed and structured approach, you took an exceptionally detailed and structured approach! What appealed to me is that I now have a very complete reference book in the field of BI and AI.

Point of improvement: if your target audience is also at the strategic management level, I would also add some kind of "management summary". Review about Data Science book.

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Alexander Proost | January 30, 2023

I am still fairly at the beginning because I want the material to be well absorbed, this means that I should not read it just before sleeping. Even though I am only on chapter 3 so far I find the book very interesting because it has a clear description and good practical examples. I also like the illustrations, this helps me to understand better while reading.

Even though I have not finished it yet, I have already recommended it to colleagues. If I find any points that could be improved I will pass them on to you. Review about Artificial Intelligence book.

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Rob van der Heiden | January 30, 2023

I am still reading this Artificial Intelligence book but I would like to already say in advance that it is easy to read, and even easy to follow for a sales person. My employer has its own data capability but we are still struggling to strike the right chord with prospects/customers. I want to change that with the help of this book, it really is a nice piece of work. Review about Artificial Intelligence book.

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Patrick Veld | Real estate company | January 25, 2023

I have read this book until the last page. I find it has an enlightening explanation of what an "intelligent and data-driven organization" is and what it isn't. It is illustrated with practical examples. The mix between theoretical models and practice is well balanced. I find the introduction and 'The hands and feet of the intelligent organization' (chapter 5) most valuable. As an improvement point, I would find a step-by-step plan or overview valuable to get started with this in concrete terms. Review about Artificial Intelligence book.

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Yolanda Stuijt | docent Business & IT Management | Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences | January 25, 2023

I started the Data Science book and already used it in my classes to explain KPIs. The topics are carefully explained in understandable Dutch. The illustrations are clear, easy to explain and of good quality to put in a ppt slide! If I have an English speaking class I can use the english illustrations. So very useful!!!

I improved one of my classes "BI tools" by using chapter 4 "data science tools and applications". Mapping the BI tools to the decision making process gives a good overview of what where which tool can be used and with the BI applications, I can explain to students what type of analysis takes place in their project.

Section 4.3 is learning material for me because the students learn this ealier in the curriculum. Actually, I use this book as a library to browse and grab what I need! Super nice!!! Review about Data Science book.

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Victor | January 25, 2023

Recently bought the Business Intelligence Book. What a top-notch book. Clear red line, clear explanations and good examples. Highly recommended. Review about Business Intelligence book.

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Jeroen van der Hagen | Municipality of Rotterdam | January 25, 2023

I really think it's a super interesting book! I enjoyed reading it, especially because most of it is very relevant to my field. I was also looking for a vision on data-driven work, and I think I have found it. I sometimes find it difficult to determine which direction an organization wants to take with regard to data-driven work, and which steps are needed to achieve this. I am convinced that the lessons from this book will help me with this, because the subject matter in the book is very practical for my work.

I work daily with:

- teams struggling with issues around KPIs/dashboarding/data quality
- data warehouse managers who unlock and prepare the data for us, but also to set up connections between our tooling & the data warehouse
- stakeholders I have to convince of the power of data-driven work (Process Mining in my case)
- tooling that makes use of algorithms
- et cetera

So the book is very relevant to me. Have 0% regrets about the purchase. Review about Business Intelligence book.

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Bruno Tuijt | Centrient Pharmaceuticals | January 17, 2023

Good for starters, clear, useful handles and tools. Review of Business Intelligence training . Review about Passionned Academy.

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Tom Cole | Director BI and Data Visualization | Nike | January 17, 2023

The BI & Analytics Guide is a journey, meaning tons of detailed information. In my work, I was able to compare ratings for multiple solutions across the same attribute against over 350 attributes. Also included are links to other material on the internet that allow you to go deeper than your favorite search engine results will find. All in a simple web interface. The research capabilies of this guide are many and matched what I needed. The value I got from using the guide is that it brought me to a conclusion I was not expecting. Review about Business Intelligence & Analytics Guide™ 2023.

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Tibor Olgers | Consultancy Group | January 1, 2023

I think your e-book is terribly good. It should be required reading for every dga/ceo. We have all our clients create a KPI dashboard (process indicators) and scoreboard (results and performance indicators).

Entrepreneurs have an awful lot of trouble keeping focus in that endless stream of to-do's. Concrete and well-chosen KPIs help tremendously in keeping on track. While I think the depth you offer in the e-book goes beyond what the average dga needs to know, that depth of knowledge is hugely valuable to us as mentors to those dga's. Review about The SMART KPI Toolkit 2023.

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Karin Swets | Quantumma | January 1, 2023

It is very nice to hear the state-of-the-art from practitioners who support the theory with numerous practical examples. I myself also particularly enjoyed the interaction between the course participants during the execution of various practical assignments. Review of Training Datawarehouse & Data Governance Review about Passionned Academy.

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Renee Musch MPIM | MvR & Partners | December 8, 2022

I am very positive about this handbook AI because all topics are covered briefly and powerfully without too many technological terms. It is well-organized and understandable, and as far as I am concerned also engaging because of the case histories among other things. The first chapters (1 to 6) appeal to me the most, chapter 9 is also good. Chapters 8 and 9 are well concrete. Chapter 10 could be more "trend watching," but really everything is in the book so it is mostly complete. Review about Artificial Intelligence book.

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Iris Driessen | BNP Paribas Cardif | December 8, 2022

Good training with striking examples. Emphasis on logical thinking and both feet on the ground. Positive + enlightening! Review on Training PDCA & Quality Management. Review about Passionned Academy.

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Surrendra Santokhi | Local Government | December 8, 2022

Informative and well connected to new developments. Review on Business Intelligence training. Review about Passionned Academy.

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Harmen Weuring | SSC Espria | November 13, 2022

Super meaningful and many tangents to the challenges facing our organization. Review on Business Intelligence training. Review about Passionned Academy.

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Marcel Gerrits | Fenix Outdoor Logistics BV | November 13, 2022

Excellent training to understand the principles of Big Data. Review on Big Data training. Review about Passionned Academy.

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Miranda Gooiker | Bonduelle | November 13, 2022

In my opinion it is a complete course for people from the business/IT or finance corner to learn and understand all the disciplines of data management and data science. You learn to look through different lenses. Review on Data Science course. Review about Passionned Academy.

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Mian Jin | Vabi Software | November 13, 2022

Whatever you are looking for in the field of BI, become fascinated by this book. This book provides knowledge, tools and examples to inspire and support making BI a success within your own organization or your field of work. Definitely worth reading. Review about Business Intelligence book.

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Anonymous | Conclusion Learning Centers | November 13, 2022

Pleasant atmosphere, nice group and learned a lot. Review of Performance Management & KPI Training. Review about Passionned Academy.

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Vera Jonker | Parsons Brinckerhoff | November 10, 2022

With the SMART KPI Toolkit, we have greatly reduced the number of KPIs and goals within our organization from 80 to about 15, giving us much more control over those factors that really matter (measured in business results). Passionned Group then provided us with excellent guidance in setting up and implementing a KPI system/dashboard. Review about The SMART KPI Toolkit 2023.

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Dirk Schaele | Director Operations | Lapperre Hearing Systems | November 7, 2022

A valuable and powerful Lean course. The team gave valuable feedback at the debrief. People are already showing different behavior. They are interacting differently, naming improvements more concretely and trying to quantify improvements. We will now work to see how we can implement this further with other teams within Lapperre Hearing Systems. Review on Lean Training Green Belt. Review about Passionned Academy.

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Jacqueline Wolter | Mental health care institution | November 7, 2022

This Business Intelligence book helps you to position and optimize Business Intelligence within your own organization, while taking you through the techniques of BI & Analytics. A "must-read-have" for managers and project leaders, who have the fine task of creating added value with BI. Review about Business Intelligence book.

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Henk Wattimury | October 31, 2022

Compliments on your language and writing style. Clear and easy to follow. I started the last half. Technical part about dbms and the data warehouse fabric has piqued my interest. The schematic illustrations perfectly chosen. Review about Data Science book.

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Paul Stuurman | ING Group NV | October 31, 2022

The Big Data course gives a good overview of what is possible in the field of predictive analytics and big data. Included book also gives clear explanations. Recommended for anyone who wants to get started. Review about Passionned Academy.

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Rineke de Weijer | Unilever R&D | October 31, 2022

Enthusiastic trainer with a lot of experience, practical examples! Day 1: strategy, the big PDCA circle is a bit far from my mind, this part could have been a bit shorter, to have more time for smaller circles. Despite that, my goals were definitely met! Thank you!!! Review on Training PDCA & Quality Management. Review about Passionned Academy.

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Marco van Steenbruggen | Enexis Groep BV | October 28, 2022

Good book that takes you from A to Z through what it takes to (continuously) improve an organization using data and all its applications. The book shows what it is really about and that is not the (ICT) technique but the (human in the) organization. The technique is also rightly addressed but you keep feeling the essence throughout the book. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to improve his or her organization using data & Business Intelligence. Review about Business Intelligence book.

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Klaas Mollema | Hillstar Business Solutions | October 28, 2022

Very valuable, thanks for that. Strategy map is very useful and some new insights here and there for KPIs. Review about The SMART KPI Toolkit 2023.

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Duncan Borst | ABN AMRO Bank | October 28, 2022

Must have for anyone making decisions about Business Analytics. Instructive, especially strong focus on building a bridge between IT & Business. Review on Data Science training. Review about Passionned Academy.

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Berdino Verweij | Brocacef Holding | October 27, 2022

This Business Intelligence book gives you a nice complete picture of Business Intelligence. The author does not get stuck in general statements, but knows very well how to outline a clear roadmap which makes the applicability of this book very high. That, and the right mix of the technical as well as the organizational aspects have helped me tremendously in my work. Review about Business Intelligence book.

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Armand Vaessen | Real Estate Company | October 27, 2022

Good overview of Business Intelligence and perspective: BI is not set in stone. Room for discussion and nuance. Excellent and very enlightening on the essentials. Confident given the instructor's experience. Review about Passionned Academy.

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Nico de Jonge | ABN AMRO Lease | October 27, 2022

I was able to immediately apply my acquired knowledge in practice. I would definitely recommend Business Consultants in all industries to take the Business Intelligence course at Passionned Group. I found it extremely successful. Review about Passionned Academy.

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