Hire a freelance Business Intelligence consultant: profile, tasks & the 5 core competencies

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Author: Rini Van Ooijen MSc
Senior BI Consultant & Project Manager
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You’re a business manager, BI manager, or IT stakeholder, and you’re looking for a professional Business Intelligence consultant or international BI consultant. One that listens closely and is professional, involved, passionate, and reliable. One who continuously keeps developing and is an expert in their field, whether it’s the hard, technical side, or the softer culture, change, and behavioral side. Someone you’ll always be able to count on for up-to-date, relevant, holistic, and independent advice. Passionned Group has such a (freelance) BI consultant.

Excellent track record in Business Intelligence consultancy

Our Business Intelligence consultants are battle-scarred experts with years of experience in independently advising on Business Intelligence & Analytics issues. On top of that, they’re certified in the Intelligent Organization framework. Not only do you get bang for your buck, but you also get access to our BI expertise center. Most importantly, we guarantee that our methods and pragmatic approach will lead to BI success.

Prevent BI trauma

Organizations that hire a BI specialist or a Business Intelligence consultant at another company that doesn’t specialize in BI often end up sorely disappointed. They often lack deep insight, a holistic perspective, and a practical approach. Consultants from such organizations often don’t maximize the returns on Business Intelligence. In some cases, these BI tracks fail hopelessly, and the organizations end up with a BI trauma. You can avoid that by calling on genuine professionals. Our interim analytics consultants have at least fifteen years of experience in the field. Passionned Group also offers a Business Intelligence training course that will make you a pro in analytics.

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What do our interim BI consultants have in their toolkits?

BI consultants toolkitOur interim BI consultants or freelance analytics consultants always have several tools on hand that can give your organization an advantage. They can increase the success chance of a BI project. So that you can start quickly and drill down to the issues you’re facing. They can also advise you on how to anticipate and take advantage of future BI trends that are already starting to appear. In short, our consultants can:

Bestselling BI book

Passionned Group’s founder is the author of the leading BI & AI book Data Science for Decision-Makers. The book contains dozens of diagrams and images, many best practices from different industries, and many useful tips.

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The best interim analytics consultants are 100% independent

If you hire one of our interim analytics consultants, you can be assured that they advise and operate independently, in line with the assignment. We aren’t bound to BI vendors in any way, unlike many other organizations on the market. Our Business Intelligence consultants are 100% independent, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not experts on various BI tools. They also have a lot of practical knowledge about the tooling and architecture. You’ll benefit from this because achieving BI success in your organization is our only interest. We know better than anyone how we can transform your data into process improvements, better margins, and more satisfied customers and BI users.

Freelance analytics consultant: from BI to AI

Artificial Intelligence (definition) is sometimes seen as the successor to Business Intelligence. This is partly correct because machine learning and data mining are more advanced forms of BI. On the other hand, you can also argue that AI simply falls within the domain of the Business Intelligence consultant. That’s why Passionned Group’s freelance analytics consultants are all-rounders who can help you with the foundation (BI) as well as with more advanced forms of business analytics, such as AI, neural networks, big data, and predictive modeling.

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Hiring a data specialist or freelance BI consultant

Our interim specialists can cover a wide range of roles, from independent Business Intelligence advisers or Business consultant BI to real “techies” like data scientists, data analysts, or Tableau specialists. We’d love to help you with an experienced BI data consultant, a business intelligence consultant who specializes in GDPR, or intelligence consultants who can help you put together a business case. Some of the consultants we have to offer:

  • Freelance BI consultants
  • Freelance analytics consultants
  • Experienced interim analytics consultants
  • Practical freelance business intelligence consultants

Also consider, for example, an independent Business Analytics consultant who can help you make a careful tool selection, or help you choose a new BI platform. Or a business analytics consultant, or a certified Microsoft BI consultant who can design a complete Microsoft stack.

Top 5 core competencies of the modern BI consultant

When teaching Business Analytics courses, we ask our trainees about the top 5 core competencies a modern BI consultant should possess. The results of this poll are below, and we repeat this every course. The following 5 competencies are always on top.

  • Connecting/teamwork
  • Creative/Out-of-the-box thinking
  • Analytical mindset
  • Communication/listening/convincing/inspiring
  • Results-oriented/Business expert

Hiring a BI developer or BI specialist

As the foremost Business Analytics specialists in the Netherlands, we service a large percentage of the local market, but we also help international clients. Passionned Group’s BI developers or BI specialists love to work on complex technical challenges at public and for-profit organizations. We offer interim services for both short-term advisory tracks of a few days and long-term projects of six months or longer. Our business intelligence specialists are multi-faceted. They’re not intimidated by complicated assignments, impasses, or (crisis) situations that may look hopeless at first glance. Our specialists aren’t afraid of working hard and are ready to get their hands dirty. They’re focused on achieving concrete results for your BI organization. Do you want to hire a data specialist? Contact us.

Improve the returns on your data and information

Passionned Group has over fifteen years of experience in designing and implementing Business Analytics in various branches. Using countless solutions, our data consultants will make your organization more intelligent. So that you can improve the returns (on all levels) on your data and information.

Contact us for a conversation, free of charge

Contact us for an introductory conversation. As BI specialists, we’re eager to tell you more about our unique Business Intelligence approach, the hiring process of a freelance analytics consultant, and the results and success you can expect. Naturally, we also consider hurdles and roadblocks that BI consultants often face.

About Passionned Group

Logo Passionned Group, the expert in Business Intelligence ConsultantPassionned Group is a leading firm in implementing Business Analytics. Our senior BI consultants assist both large and small companies in becoming smarter enterprises. Every two years we organize the election of the Dutch BI Award.

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Reviews about Business Intelligence Consultant

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10 / 10
Robin Costers | 113 Suicide prevention | June 5, 2023

The support in the area of BI has been very valuable to 113. The way they were able to distinguish sense from nonsense and help in data mining for the benefit of our business is very valuable.

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