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Are you looking for temporary capacity or expertise? Then you’ve come to the right place at Passionned Group. We help organizations with interim specialists and managers in order to deal with high-traffic periods, for new projects, or when you require specific (senior) expertise.

Interim Managers

Our Interim Managers are not just managers. They are at the absolute top in their field, are steeped in the Passionned DNA, and help you implement smart solutions and changes step-by-step. Passionned Group provides Interim Managers in the following areas:

  • Interim IT Project Manager
  • Interim BI Project Manager
  • Interim CRM Manager
  • Data Quality Manager
  • Interim Information Manager

In addition to Interim Managers, Passionned Group also has a large network of specialists in the fields of business intelligence, continuous improvement, and IT. Only the most suitable professionals are offered to you in response to your request. High quality, a personal approach, and continuity are our priorities.

Interim specialists

We have the following specialists available for business analytics:

We have the following specialists available for lean, quality management, and PDCA (continuous improvement):

  • Quality Consultant
  • Process Facilitator
  • Process Analyst / Process miner
  • Lean Consultant
  • PDCA Consultant
  • PDCA Team Coach
  • Change Specialist
  • Change Manager
  • Quality Expert
  • Strategic Consultant

You can hire our specialists on a temporary basis at a competitive hourly rate.

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You hire our managers and specialists on a secondment basis for a specified number of days or hours in the week for a longer period. It may be several weeks, 1 month, 3, 6, or 12 months with an option to extend. Passionned Group can take the entire burden off your hands if desired and will be responsible for administration and payment of relevant taxes.

What does the process look like?

You send us your request for capacity or expertise. If required, we will help you to create the profile. Based on the profile, we select the most suitable candidates (if available) and we will send you a proposal with price, availability, and other conditions.

The advantages of hiring with Passionned Group

✓ All candidates are screened and undergo a rigorous approval process
✓ When you hire a specialist or manager, you get free access to our knowledge base
✓ You are entitled to 10% discount on training courses at the Passionned Academy
✓ Through our substantive expertise, you can assume that you will see the best candidate
✓ You can always rely on us in case of sickness or absence of the interim specialist or manager

Submit your request

Are you interested in our interim services? If so, please feel free to contact us and let us know what expertise you are looking for.

About Passionned Group

Logo Passionned Group, the expert in interim servicesPassionned Group provides top-flight interim services in several specialist field. Our experienced interim consultants help organizations become more data-driven and intelligent. Every two years we organize the Dutch BI Award©, the election of the smartest company.

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