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We have been helping organizations with data-driven working, Artificial Intelligence, KPIs, PDCA, Business Intelligence and Data Science for nearly 20 years. We make the right connections between technology, people, processes and decision making.

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Compare it to democracy: led by the people, and bureaucracy: led by the agency. So data democracy is simply led by data.

~ Daan van Beek

About us

Passionned Group is the specialist in designing and implementing data-driven, intelligent organizations. With a strongly growing number of passionate consultants, teachers and interim advisors, we help medium-sized and smaller organizations in the transition to a data-driven organization. Smarter working and digital transformation play a key role in this. Making an organization more intelligent is an exciting journey that makes our hearts beat faster every time. Learn more.

18+ years of experience

About us | Advice

What do we do?

We research, publish, teach, advise and do interim consulting. Our streamlined, data-driven way of working makes it easy for us to switch between theory and practice, between work force and management, and between IT & business.

Education | Courses | Training | Passionned Academy

Passionned Academy:

Education and training

The Passionned Academy offers courses and (in-company) training to help organizations work more efficiently through data analytics, continuous improvement, process optimization and AI.

Our offerings include strategy courses, Business Analytics training and continuous improvement training for employees at all levels. Our instructors are knowledgeable and experienced, rated an average of 8.8 by participants.

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Knowledge base:

Books, white papers and articles

Our knowledge base contains everything about data-driven working and smart organizations. Based on almost 20 years of experience. Take advantage of the publications on our website. Learn More


Independent consulting:

Sharp, objective and practical

We advise 100% independently on strategic topics, data-driven working and continuous improvement. We are keen on the subject matter and always practical. Learn More

Interim services

Interim management:

Hire temporary capacity

Passionned Interim offers flexibility in temporary capacity and expertise for data-driven solutions and IT projects. We deliver suitable candidates within 48 hours. Learn More

Benefits of intelligent, data-driven organizations

  • Happier customers and motivated staff
  • Use of true KPIs for improvement
  • Machine learning applied for innovation
  • Strategy and workflow are aligned with dashboards
  • Agile and less unwieldy
  • Annual savings achieved in many areas
  • Growth of sales and margins

Our three pillars

Our integrated approach with the three pillars allows us to be much more successful with our clients. If you invest in technology without a sharp vision and strategy, you burn money. If you invest in a new strategy without (the right) technology, you get bogged down. Et cetera. The three pillars form the trinity of intelligent, data-driven organizations.

1. Data-driven strategy

Leo Kerklaan, Associate Partner Performance ManagementWorking data-driven without proper direction and strategy is like sailing without a compass. You float around aimlessly without ever having land in sight. Fixed components of a data-driven strategy are creating a strategy map, including data-driven scenario planning. You start working with true key performance indicators, SMART goals, and you work on performance management on a daily basis. You’ll keep working on refining your scorecards, solidifying your revenue model and visualizing everything with KPI dashboards.

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2. Data-driven technology

Daan van Beek, Managing DirectorWe are experienced specialists when it comes to deploying technology for the benefit of data-driven working. Technology then acts as a driver. Think of Business Intelligence, data warehouses, Artificial Intelligence, data mining, predictive analytics, big data analytics, internet of things, data science and machine learning. We operate 100% independently of BI software vendors and in the innovative Business Intelligence & Analytics guide we have provided an objective comparison of all major BI solutions. We provide independent BI advice, but you can also use us for interim assignments and implementations.

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3. Data-driven processes

Ko Achterberg, Associate Partner Process OptimizationEven if you have a carefully considered data-driven strategy and the technology works perfectly, your data-driven organization may not get off the ground or may stagnate. Why? If you don’t couple data-driven working with continuous improvement, disruption and innovation, your investment will yield little or nothing. People have to make data effective; a system won’t do it for you. Our areas of expertise are: continuous improvement, PDCA, process architecture, process thinking and process management.

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Improve the performance and increase the quality of services.

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Overall customer rating 4.7 stars
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Fact sheet

Number of organizations serviced ___
Number of training courses ___
Number of participants trained ___
Overall customer rating 4.7 stars
Number of consultants & teachers ___
Number of offices 3
Number of years active 18