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We make organizations intelligent and data-driven. We believe that every organization is capable of using data to drive better and faster decision-making. Data-driven working can be achieved by thoroughly connecting strategy & policy, technology & data, and people & a culture of continuous improvement. Doing so will enable organizations to make better decisions faster, supported by data and facts. In short: there are many advantages to this approach.

Let Passionned Group make your organization more intelligent and data-driven. Here's how:

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Make your organization data-driven

Investing in technology alone is not enough

Many organizations invest vast sums of money in BI software, Big Data Analytics, AI and algorithms, or data warehouses. The result is a lot of available data. But very few organizations manage to use this data to improve their results on a focused, regular (daily) basis. Data, from our perspective, is only worth something when it gains meaning. That only happens when the data goes through people. Only then is genuine insight and new knowledge created. Data should ignite a spark that motivates people and focuses them on a concrete improvement goal.

The three pillars of data-driven working

Our philosophy on data-driven working is based on three core pillars:

1. Data-driving steering sets the course

Data-driven working without the right steering and strategy is like sailing a boat without a compass. You can go as fast as you want, but will you ever reach a safe haven? A set part of a data-driven strategy is making a strategy map, including data-driven scenario planning. You’ll work with genuine key performance indicators, SMART goals, and work on performance management on a daily basis. You’ll work, again and again, on refining your scorecards, solidifying your business model, and visualizing everything with KPI dashboards.

Leo KerklaanThought leader: mr. Leo Kerklaan, author of the successful (Dutch) management books ‘The Agile Organization’ and ‘The Organization’s Cockpit’. Leo is a strategy professional. He provides advice, teaches masterclasses, and writes about countless aspects relating to performance management. His experience as an advisor has taken him to many sectors and industries, including government. His work has taken him across the globe, successfully completing assignments in various countries and continents.

2. Data-driven technology gives you wings

We’re experienced specialists when it comes to deploying technology in service of data-driven working. Think about things like BI, data warehouses, Artificial Intelligence, data mining, predictive analytics, big data analytics, internet of things, data science, and machine learning. We operate 100% independently of any BI software vendors. Our BI & Analytics Guide makes an objective comparison of all the important BI solutions. We provide independent BI advice, but we’re also available for interim assignments and implementations.

Daan van BeekThought leader: Daan van Beek MSc, author of the book Data Science for Decision-Makers and Data Professionals. Daan’s passion: making organizations work much more intelligently. He advises and facilitates companies and governments on Business Analytics, Big Data, and intelligent organizations.

3. Data-driven improvement completes the circle

Even if you have a carefully considered, data-driven strategy, and all the required technology is in place, your data-driven organizations can still stagnate or fail to take off completely. Why? If you don’t link data-driven working to continuous improvement, disruption, and innovation, your investments will come to little or nothing. People are the ones who have to use data effectively, a system can’t do that for you. Our expertises are: continuous improvement, PDCA, process architecture, process thinking, and process management.

Ko AchterbergThought leader: dr. Ko Achterberg, author of the (Dutch) book ‘Grip on Processes in the Organization’. Ko has been an advisor to organizations for over 35 years, specializing in process management. He spent those same years as a professor and teacher at the VU in Amsterdam and the Erasmus University in Rotterdam (postmaster controller).

In data-driven projects, change management and issues of management always play a crucial role. Passionned Group has expertise in spades in these areas.

Read everything about intelligent, data-driven organizations

Passionned Group has helped more than 9,200 organizations take steps towards becoming an intelligent, data-driven organization. We wrote the data science book Data Science for Decision-Makers & Data Professionals. And every other year we organize the prestigious election of The Smartest Organization of The Netherlands, the Dutch BI & Data Science Award, which was most recently won by the International Bike Group.

What does the media say?

The answer is simple: intelligent organizations perform better across the board. They make more profit, have more satisfied customers, manage their workforce better, and innovate more successfully.

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Passionned Group: 100% independent for over 15 years

If the concept of the intelligent organization sounds appealing, Passionned Group can help you. We are an experienced, 100% independent advice and consultancy company. For over 15 years, we’ve been helping organizations large and small to work more intelligently.

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The advantages of intelligent, data-driven organizations

✓ They work with genuine KPIs to continuously improve.
✓ They attune the strategy and the workplace by sharing data.
✓ Employees and customers of data-driven organizations are more satisfied.
✓ They’re exceptionally agile.
✓ They save money annually in many areas.
✓ The margins and profitability improve.

Read our article ‘The 7 habits of highly intelligent organizations’.

Get started immediately with our practical solutions

Based on our years of experience in making organizations more intelligent, we offer a selection of relevant research reports, books, and (in-company) training courses:

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Reviews about Your organization made data-driven

John S | VSO | February 1, 2023

The ETL & Data Integration Guide has been a great resource, full of information and insight into the top tools and companies on the market. The interactive report is drillable for deeper understanding, and links to tons of supporting information, videos, and news updates. I couldn't be happier with the Guide, and Daan has been available, responsive, and extremely helpful since I received it. 5-stars! Review about ETL & Data Integration Guide™ 2023.

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Hans ter Braak | Director | January 30, 2023

The book is very easy to read because it is written in clear language. That is what appealed to me the most. It is also a confirmation of the knowledge I have gained over the years in BI/AI projects. I think chapters 1 to 7 and section 9.2 form the core of the story, the topics of the remaining chapters are also described in less detail but in more of an overview of the latest trends. Review about Artificial Intelligence book.

order now
Peter Mulder | Information manager | January 30, 2023

What struck me, you didn't just take a detailed and structured approach, you took an exceptionally detailed and structured approach! What appealed to me is that I now have a very complete reference book in the field of BI and AI.

Point of improvement: if your target audience is also at the strategic management level, I would also add some kind of "management summary". Review about Data Science book.

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Alexander Proost | January 30, 2023

I am still fairly at the beginning because I want the material to be well absorbed, this means that I should not read it just before sleeping. Even though I am only on chapter 3 so far I find the book very interesting because it has a clear description and good practical examples. I also like the illustrations, this helps me to understand better while reading.

Even though I have not finished it yet, I have already recommended it to colleagues. If I find any points that could be improved I will pass them on to you. Review about Artificial Intelligence book.

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Rob van der Heiden | January 30, 2023

I am still reading this Artificial Intelligence book but I would like to already say in advance that it is easy to read, and even easy to follow for a sales person. My employer has its own data capability but we are still struggling to strike the right chord with prospects/customers. I want to change that with the help of this book, it really is a nice piece of work. Review about Artificial Intelligence book.

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