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Streamline your Business Intelligence with our practical bundle of BI templates now available for download. Passionned Group has put together a mix of templates and tools based on its years of experience as a BI consultancy & organizational consulting firm. Use these to accelerate the progression of Business Intelligence in your own organization. Not only will you save valuable time, but the templates will ‘force’ you to look at BI & AI differently. The BI templates – which are fully customizable and interlinked where necessary – help you to quickly develop a solid BI vision, BI strategy & roadmap, set up a KPI tree (SMART), detailed mapping of decisions, a multidimensional model, a functional design (indicators and dimensions) for a KPI definition manual and a handy template for your BI project plans. As icing on the cake, you receive a user-friendly tool that allows you to easily measure the maturity of BI & AI. The templates are available in Dutch and English and are delivered as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files.

Why should you use Business Intelligence templates?

The world of Business Intelligence and artificial intelligence (AI) is characterized by a multitude of buzz terms. Our BI templates help you focus on the essentials and see the forest for the trees again. The templates take you by the hand, helping you with the most important steps you need to take for BI and AI success. Many organizations do not think carefully about the implementation of BI, the process side and change management. A BI tool is quickly downloaded with which the first reports and dashboards are created and after some time you have find that there is quite a report factory. With our professional BI templates you no longer skip any steps. You will be guided the whole way through.

Brief description of our BI templates

The contents of our complete SMART Bundle of Business Intelligence templates:

  • BI vision template: develop with key stakeholders a professional Business Intelligence vision (driven and supported by board and management) and map its implications. Through a gap analysis of the implications (current, desired) you come to a simple BI roadmap with change projects. File format: PowerPoint, Excel.
  • BI strategy & roadmap template: establish a solid BI strategy and walk along ‘the house of BI’ with a working group and the stakeholders.

Illustration of a BI roadmap

  • BI strategy & roadmap template: establish a solid BI strategy and walk along “the house of BI” with a working group and the stakeholders. Over time, a comprehensive BI roadmap will naturally unfold including the projects you need to accomplish to get to a higher maturity level. File format: PowerPoint, Excel.
  • Maturity measurement (maturity) tool: answer 16 questions and get instant insight into the current maturity level of BI and AI of your (customer) organization. File format: Excel.
  • Decisions & Data Diagram template: easily map the decisions in your organization and describe the data, information, and knowledge you need to make the decision data-driven. Go through the entire PDCA cycle and also identify the performance of your decisions (how do you know and measure if a decision is working out), the reflection on it, and bring in new experiences. File format: Word.
  • KPI tree template: from the mission, identify the strategic goals, the critical success factors and the unadulterated KPIs. All levels are brought together in one clear tree. Make your goals SMART with a KPI tree. File format: PPT.
  • Multidimensional model template: bring all indicators (including KPIs) and dimensions together in a clear multidimensional model. Also, name the owners of the indicators and the data sources from which you can start building the indicator. The model gives you good insight into the total information needs of the organization. Data architects create an integral data model (star schemas) for the data warehouse based on the model relatively quickly. File format: Excel.
  • Functional BI design template: describe the functional and technical definition of all indicators and dimensions in a functional BI design. This way you can easily create a KPI definition manual that will greatly benefit both users and developers. File format: Word.
  • BI project plan template: quickly and easily create a project plan (plan of action) for implementing Business Intelligence with this template. Here you can include all the important aspects of a BI project. From goals, business cases, and scope to resources, budgets and risks. File format: Word.

With these templates at your disposal, you can professionally manage your project from start to finish.

Key benefits

Passionned Group’s BI templates bring you a number of benefits:

  • Develop your Business Intelligence more quickly and effectively
  • Make more impact through a standardized way of working
  • Compiled by experienced BI experts with more than 15 years of experience
  • Learn to look at Business Intelligence & AI in a different way
  • Immediately available for download in English (EN) and Dutch (NL)

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About the author

Photo of Daan van Beek, author of the BI templatesDaan van Beek (managing director Passionned Group) studied Administrative Information Science and obtained his Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence. As owner and founder of the Passionned Group, a 100% independent consulting company and training institute, he shares his expertise by giving guest lectures and master classes on BI and AI, including at the renowned business school TIAS. Daan has dozens of publications to his name, including 4 books, and regularly speaks at conferences. With his in-depth knowledge and experience, Daan van Beek is the perfect author for these practical BI templates, which help organizations improve their Business Intelligence.

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