The 2024 SMART KPI Toolkit: develop a complete custom KPI dashboard in 6 steps

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4.8 stars

With the SMART KPI Toolkit 2024 you will learn in 6 steps how to work and manage effectively and efficiently with KPIs. This indispensable handbook for controllers, managers, dashboard designers, quality and KPI advisors helps you to compile crucial management information for your organization. You will get a clear picture of your KPIs and you will work faster towards your strategic, tactical and operational goals. You will profit on all fronts with the SMART KPI Toolkit. Do you also want a strong strategy, healthy finances, happy customers, optimal processes and happier employees? Download the SMART KPI Toolkit here.

Stop the recurring KPI discussions

KPIs continue to occupy minds in many organizations. Whether it’s the definition (is it sharp enough), data quality, visualization on a dashboard, ownership on KPIs (aren’t we all responsible) or organizational culture. With the SMART KPI Toolkit 2024 you get quick answers to a range of questions:

  • How and where do you find and define the right KPIs in your organization?
  • Which KPIs are crucial for your organization and what is the relationship with your revenue model?
  • How do you determine the critical success factors behind the KPIs and how do you manage them?
  • How do you set smart norms, standards and targets so that the goals remain achievable?
  • What practical methodologies are there to define performance indicators SMART?
  • How do you use KPIs in a PDCA improvement cycle and during the planning & control cycle?
  • How do you develop predictive KPIs based on Artificial Intelligence?
  • How do you build a very clear and user-friendly dashboard?
  • What are the guiding principles behind effective data visualization?

Are you wrestling with one or more of these questions and do you want to finally be liberated from the ever-recurring KPI discussions? Then quickly download the SMART KPI Toolkit and get started today.

Theoretical model combined with practice: 350 clear KPI examples

The SMART KPI Toolkit 2024 is based on a tried and true theoretical model (now used worldwide) and is also a very practical manual with more than 350 examples from 22 sectors that perfectly illustrate the theory. Based on 6 logical steps you will work towards a logical, integral and user-friendly dashboard and control model for your organization. Thanks to the many tips and exercises, every reader of this practical guide is optimally supported. Not only in identifying and defining KPIs, but also in visualizing, standardizing and operationalizing your key performance indicators.

Do you also want a new, much more effective way of entering KPIs, SMART goals, less hassle, happy customers and better financial results? Then download here the extended edition of the ‘SMART KPI Toolkit 2024’.

All the content summarized in one clear table

Check out the content of the SMART KPI Toolkit 2024:

  • Comprehensive explanations
  • Definition of performance management
  • KPI decision tree with exercises
  • KPIs and data driven working
  • 7 most important characteristics of KPIs
  • Top method: “high impact” insights
  • Analytical models & predictive KPIs
  • The 4 KPI analysis methods
  • KPI loading & data quality
  • Data visualization & infographics
  • Methods to standardize indicators
  • 350+ sample KPIs per functional area
  • The most important KPIs per industry
  • Determining KPIs based on Big Data

Within 1 minute you will receive the SMART KPI Toolkit 2023 (PDF) in your e-mail inbox. You can then get started with it right away. Improve your KPIs today, strengthen your business model sustainably, so you don’t fall behind your industry peers. Download the document here.

download the 2024 edition here

Discover and define your own KPIs in 6 steps

Using the SMART KPI Toolkit (PDF), you’re not only going to see how to avoid the most important KPI blunders. You will especially understand the steps you need to take for KPIs and dashboards that really work. And most importantly, you’ll learn how to start setting up a KPI tree in your organization. These 6 steps will be covered:

  1. Identify: where and how do you find the top KPIs in your organization?
  2. Define: how do you define indicators into one version of the truth?
  3. Load: how do you ensure that you can load your KPIs with the right, qualitative data?
  4. Visualize: what is the most effective way to visualize your KPIs?
  5. Standardization: which methods do you use to standardize indicators?
  6. Operationalize: how will you let teams manage and continuously improve with KPI’s?

Based on these 6 logical steps you will not only bring the story behind the figures of your organization to life. You will also take steps to improve your data quality, you will bring focus to your control (less distractions) and you will also achieve daily continuous improvement with unadulterated KPIs.

Examples from 24 different sectors

The SMART KPI Toolkit 2024 contains a very comprehensive overview of real, top KPIs and performance indicators (PIs) that are applicable in many industries. In the guide you will find the list of 350 PIs and KPIs per functional area and the industry-specific KPIs. For the various KPIs it is also indicated which big data sources you can (possibly) use and unlock. The SMART KPI Toolkit covers the following industries and more:

Accountants, notaries & brokers
Agriculture and horticulture
Banks & financial institutions
Cleaning companies
Consultancy and engineering firms
Construction companies & infrastructure
Education: primary, secondary, and higher education
Employment agencies
Energy companies
Healthcare (hospitals)
Hospitality: restaurants, bars and hotels
Housing and real estate companies
Industry: engineering
Industry: steel, manufacturing, machines
Insurers: healthcare, damage, life
IT consultancy & managed services
Leasing: cars, machines and equipment
Local government and municipalities
Mental health care
Cleaning companies
Pharmaceuticals & Biotech
Retail & retail trade
Sports clubs and fitness clubs
Telecom companies
Transport & logistics

The current 2024 version has recently been revised and updated. The guide has been updated with some new industries and three brand new chapters on KPI definitions, loading KPIs and data visualization (including dashboards).

Download the document here

The tool for KPIs that really matter

The SMART KPI Toolkit is the tool to find KPIs, performance indicators (PIs), insights, dashboards and analyses that can literally and figuratively make the difference between profit or loss. Successfully following the 6 steps in the SMART KPI Toolkit leads to:

  • SMART: real, top KPIs, million dollar insights and good standards
  • STRUCTURE: a clear, interactive management dashboard
  • STEADY MANAGEMENT: better management through performance improvement
  • SMILE: a more efficient organization, happy customers and commited employees
  • SIMPLE: fewer data records and less administrative hassle

Do you want to quickly determine the real KPIs for your company?

Do you also want to work with SMART goals and real KPIs within your organization? Then order the SMART KPI Toolkit now or contact us for more information. Our experienced KPI specialists will gladly assist you.

About the author: Daan van Beek MSc

Daan van BeekThe SMART KPI Toolkit 2024 was developed by Daan van Beek. He is the managing director of the Passionned Group and author of the Data Science book. Based on over 20 years of management experience and numerous consulting assignments, he designed this KPI guide.

Like a diamond in the rough he polished the guide further and further in recent years. Daan teaches at the universities TIAS and EUR and also gives masters classes in Singapore, South Africa, New York, Paramaribo and Malaysia.

Download the KPI Toolkit here

Reviews about The SMART KPI Toolkit 2024

Number of reviews: 4Average rating: 4.8 stars
5 stars
Humphrey V. Martina | Martina Consult BV | February 19, 2024

I personally approach the material in an incremental manner, focusing on studying theory and insights and then relating those tools to practical application. I hold the belief that the resources provided by Passionned Group are making valuable contributions to developments within the healthcare sector both presently and in the future. During discussions with healthcare managers participating in modules at NCOI, tasked with creating Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), I took the initiative, based on feedback, to recommend Passionned Group. Specifically, I directed them to your website and encouraged them to explore the tools and offerings available for training purposes. Additionally, I am enthusiastic about the didactic presentation of the material. The SMART KPI toolkit provides a logical framework that facilitates a deeper understanding of its core concepts.

order now
5 stars
Tibor Olgers | Consultancy Group | January 1, 2023

I think your e-book is terribly good. It should be required reading for every dga/ceo. We have all our clients create a KPI dashboard (process indicators) and scoreboard (results and performance indicators).

Entrepreneurs have an awful lot of trouble keeping focus in that endless stream of to-do's. Concrete and well-chosen KPIs help tremendously in keeping on track. While I think the depth you offer in the e-book goes beyond what the average dga needs to know, that depth of knowledge is hugely valuable to us as mentors to those dga's.

order now
4 stars
Vera Jonker | Parsons Brinckerhoff | November 10, 2022

With the SMART KPI Toolkit, we have greatly reduced the number of KPIs and goals within our organization from 80 to about 15, giving us much more control over those factors that really matter (measured in business results). Passionned Group then provided us with excellent guidance in setting up and implementing a KPI system/dashboard.

order now
5 stars
Klaas Mollema | Hillstar Business Solutions | October 28, 2022

Very valuable, thanks for that. Strategy map is very useful and some new insights here and there for KPIs.

order now
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