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Ko AchterbergDr. Ko Achterberg RA (1949) has been a management consultant for over 35 years. He has also been a professor at the Free University of Amsterdam and a teacher at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam (postmaster controller training). He has completed studies in business succession, tax law, and accountancy. He later obtained his PhD in Information Management. He has been a partner at several consultancies, joining Passionned Group in 2015. He’s completed assignments at ABN Amro, Fortis (VSB), ING Bank, Van Lanschot Bankiers, Achmea, and more.

Making meaningful connections

Ko’s passion is making conceptually thoughtful connections that have practical meaning. Those connections start with practical and simple questions such as:

  • What is the impact of recent developments (eg. BI & IT trends) on my strategy?
  • How do I address my processes so that they actively contribute to the chosen strategy?
  • What does that mean for the structure of the organization?

These questions can be broken down into logical sub-questions that lead to answers, choices, decisions, and implementations that are thought-out and have proven their success.

The link between process control and responsibility

Ko’s consulting assignments take place on the intersection between strategy and matching operational structure:

  • Designing, improving, and establishing business processes, including the related labor organization and IT;
  • Business processes and establishment of a matching administrative organization (reliable operational support information processes).

Ko helps managers implement processes and process control with PDCA cycles that meet the organizational levels of responsibility. He has developed workshops and training sessions for management teams, process consultants, and information designers.. He also advises organizations in both the public and private sectors about their operational structure (process management, operations management).

The simplicity of complex issues

His approach is best characterized by the following customer statement: “Ko connects complex issues of business operations and the realization thereof in process implementations in the simplest and most transparent manner, which makes you wonder ‘why couldn’t I come up with that myself?’ That’s the benefit of a lifetime of accumulated intelligence behind this process, which a layman doesn’t immediately have access to.” Ko has mastered the strategic business possibilities and potential new business models offered by trends such as cloud computing, data warehousing, data & process mining (Analytics), administrative automation, BI, and KPIs.

Author of leading books

Achieving a vision of the establishment of the business chain requires an integrated, coherent, and structured approach. Ko has written several books and articles about this. Ko is the author of leading books in the field of process design and process architecture like ‘Grip on processes in organizations; Analyzing, designing and setting up business’ and ‘Process Architecture as a change instrument; achieve strategic goals with business.’


Ko is, in addition to his work as an organizational consultant, also active as a teacher at the Jungian Institute. For him, work is connected to self-realization, a lifelong individuation process that helps to find inspiration in your work. When needed, he connects the differentiation of activities to tasks and functions to the development of intellectual and social skills. In this way, a synthesis (win / win) can arise between organizational objectives and personal development goals.

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