Proven approach for data-driven working

Business Meets Data is a proven approach to successfully implementing data-driven working in organizations. This approach has been developed in conjunction with our clients in several sectors: healthcare, financial institutions, and municipalities. It’s designed to overcome common hurdles, such as:

  • How can you make data-driven working really take off in your organization?
  • How do you achieve quick results with Business Analytics and Data Science?
  • How do you link BI & Big Data directly to continuous improvement and innovation management?
  • How can you make sure that data-driven working becomes part of your strategy and the workplace?
  • How can you increase your organization’s competitive edge using data?
  • How can you get a quick profile of your customer and their journey through your organization?

Are one or more of these issues plaguing your organization? Let Passionned Group’s experienced coaches support you. You can expect to achieve material results within a few weeks.

The 3 unique hallmarks of our approach

  1. Flat data: initially, we work using “flat” data that we can source directly from your data warehouse or data sources. So you don’t have to go through a large, expensive BI track first.
  2. Recognizable: we plot the data on the customer process and the people working in the primary process. This allows employees to immediately see where the process leaves room for improvement.
  3. Dialogue through data: Business Meets Data sessions bring data to life and release new energy. They start a dialogue between employees and decision-makers about the most important issues exposed by the data.

The process kickstarts employees’ awareness, because they will come to recognize and acknowledge the role of data. The positive energy and enthusiasm released by this approach is infectious. Employees become inspired to improve their own processes. Our experience has taught us that people won’t want to let go and go back to their old way of working.

5 steps to becoming a data-driven team and organization

Step 1: Initiating the project and choosing a strategic theme.
Step 2: Gathering data from sources and determining the first business case.
Step 3: Data goes through an analysis model and is visualized.
Step 4: Organizing sessions, confronting the data & storytelling.
Step 5: Developing story lines, points of improvement & change approach.

Steps 2 through 5 have to be followed multiple times (iterative process) until the business case is achieved. Then, start new Business Meets Data projects for other departments, so that this approach can gradually spread through the organization like an oil spill, and the organization can become truly data-driven.

Our approach will be implemented in stages as outlined above. We’ll work towards realizing multiple business cases, which creates investment room to, if necessary, develop a more mature data infrastructure, like a data warehouse or data lake.

Our foundations

✓ Lean / process thinking
✓ System thinking
Strategy mapping
✓ Scrum
✓ Prince2
✓ Data modeling
✓ Design thinking
✓ Coaching leadership

Philosophy of Business Meets Data: developing people

Four insights or principles of continuous improvement that make this approach work. Your employees will experience these themselves:

  1. My work isn’t a random collection of separate tasks, but a process that I’m a part of.
  2. I receive input and deliver output to others in this process. Input and output can be measured if the data is recorded.
  3. When data is recorded, numbers can be delivered, generating insight into the entire process.
  4. Insight into the whole leads to insight into points of improvement, enabling continuous improvement.

We recommend actively and continuously spreading these principles among all involved stakeholders. These seemingly open doors are the keys to successfully implementing data-driven working.

The results and advantages of Business Meets Data

  • Restore passion and creativity in your employees. They’ll re-learn customer-focused thinking, innovation, and experimentation.
  • Gives the right information directly to employees and leadership: work based on facts, not their own “truths”.
  • No investment necessary: visualize processes using tools your organization is already using.
  • Combine available sources optimally, using information to its maximum potential.
  • Establish a foundation for becoming a data-driven organization.

Finally: this approach empowers the BI team. BI teams are often sitting on a goldmine without realizing it. At the same time, managers and employees can become less dependent on the BI team (BICC).

The 5 core values of the Business Meets Data approach

  1. Creating energy: go from “we can’t do that” to “yes we can!”
  2. Holistic vision and awareness.
  3. Bring about change by letting people choose of their own volition.
  4. Involve people from a place of passion, and not profit incentives.
  5. Nothing is wrong.

Business Meets Data for Big Data & Open Data

This approach is suited for use with internal company data, Big Data, and Open Data. Or a combination of the three. By applying predictive models like predictive analytics, this approach becomes even more effective. But you have to ensure that employees support the conclusions that flow from the model, and they have to trust the model.

Business Meets Data and BI tools

There are many BI tools available in the market. Which BI software is the best fit for your organizations and situation? In which areas do these tools distinguish themselves, and how can you make a considered choice? Our 100% vendor-independent Business Intelligence Tools Survey is designed to answer these questions and more.

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