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SAP Data Services allows organizations to easily explore, extract, transform, and deliver data anywhere, at any frequency. Ensure the integrity of your data, maximize developer productivity, and accelerate data integration performance for all operational and analytic initiatives. SAP Data Services provide pervasive, open and extensible on-premise and cloud source and target support – structured, text, big data, social, spatial, SAP and non-SAP.

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If you want to know how SAP Data Services scores on different key selection criteria and exactly which functionality it provides. We did all the work for you. Suppliers will often tell you only the strengths of their product(s). In our vendor neutral survey, all the features are revealed, including the weak points. Why buy our 100% independent survey?

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Highly scalable

SAP Data Services is an outstanding ETL tool, offering the developers, both IT professionals and Business Users an environment not only able to build enterprise data warehouses, but also to migrate and synchronize data both in batch and real-time. It is an engine based product as opposed to a number of its competitors who generate code, although it does include facilities to generate code for the database to improve performance. This is an ETL tool that is highly scalable with an architecture supporting high throughputs of data. It can distribute jobs across multiple servers, running in parallel, features data pipelining and supports partitioning of the data.

The most user-friendly ETL solution

SAP Data Services continues to be the most user-friendly ETL tool that we have seen in the market today; it is easy-to-use, easy-to-learn and supports the way an ETL developer thinks and works when extracting, transforming and loading data. In addition it shows at design time how data will be transformed, without having to load the data, supporting the principle ‘What You See Is What You Get’. SAP Data Services supports most of the tasks involved in building complex BI systems. These include, among other things, the (virtually) automatic creation of history, impact analysis, data lineage, real-time processing, defining slowly changing dimensions with a single mouse click and on-demand data integration. In addition seen from a software development perspective, Data Services has good support for functionality like the reusability of components and procedures, debugging and a graphical breakdown of the ETL process.


“Data Virtualization, a relatively new concept in the BI market”

Rick van der Linden, senior analyst and author of the ETL Tools & Data Integration Survey said about SAP Data Services: “SAP’s vision goes beyond simple ETL, the tool also facilitates data auditing, validation, data profiling and support for unstructured data. SAP supports Enterprise Information Management (EIM) also referred to as Data Virtualization, a relatively new concept in the BI market.” Find out more and order now the ETL Tools & Data Integration Survey 2018.

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In the ETL Tools & Data Integration Survey 2018 you’ll find the list of ETL tools in the market, including for each ETL solution an expert review, many comparison graphs and a comparison matrix. And a thorough 100% vendor independent evaluation of SAP Data Services and all the major ETL tools with all their details.

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