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Passionned Group is a leading analyst and consultancy firm specialized in Business Analytics and Business Intelligence. Our passionate advisors assist many organizations in selecting the best Business Analytics Software and applications. Every two years we organize the election of the smartest company.

Achieve ETL success with a BI training

Within a few months the unique Business Intelligence training course of the international research and consultancy firm Passionned Group will take place. In just two days you can discover the extreme power of Business Intelligence and Data Integration and learn how to make your data and data warehouse profitable. Our complete business intelligence training also covers the technical side of Business Intelligence and Analytics. The main goals and roles of the data warehouse are discussed and we'll give you an overview of the different ETL tools on the market, as well as the different Business Intelligence tools. In addition, the trainer, Daan van Beek, will deal with Predictive Analytics (data mining), and you will learn the details of all 8 steps you need to take to build a predictive application.

Transport company did not achieve its business case

When we have (too) low expectations of Business Intelligence and we operate in a highly political environment, this may result in a return on investment (of BI) that is far below its potential. A year ago, a transport company with five thousand employees worldwide, implemented a well thought out and professional Business Intelligence system, which offered the possibility to not only monitor market share figures and revenues, but also to present various financial details and ratios.

French retailer maximizes the impact of advertisements

A large French retail organization in the food industry that operates as a franchisor was not able to measure the effects of its advertisements correctly. Due to the economic decline, the organization was forced to minimize the marketing costs and to try to maximize the impact of its marketing efforts at the same time. A major challenge was that different advertisements in the media (TV, online, papers) were mixed up and largely overlapped.

Car importer builds integrated portal

A marketing employee of an importer of well-known car brands notices on her dashboard that the car sales in the Northern region are much lower than budgeted. She switches from the dashboard to the interactive analysis mode and performs analysis per postal code region and per household type. The analysis shows that lower sales mainly occur in two-person households in rural areas. She consults (via chat) with the responsible dealer in the region to verify that the dealer knows about the drop in sales and whether he knows what the reasons might be.

British pension fund halves its response time

In 2011, a British pension fund with assets of around 256 billion Euros realised a state-of-the-art data warehouse with an emphasis on the performance of different funds and portfolios. All kinds of reports and analysis were used to achieve the highest possible return at an acceptable risk. For investment in shares, the front office – the people who commission stock market trading – used different operational systems that were linked to the systems of the brokers at the stock exchange. The performance was monitored daily and where necessary assets (shares, derivatives, bonds) were acquired or disposed of, via the operational systems.

Building company back on track with BI

The business unit of one the three largest construction companies in Europe, which is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the railways, wishes to improve its information supply. The internal organization creates a very large amount of management reports and analysis using the popular Microsoft Office tools Access and Excel. The set of queries and reports kept growing and growing to a respectable total of one thousand. After a few years working this way, a sudden major problem occurred for the Board of Directors to deal with.

Case: Ahold ‘smartest organization’ of 2008

International supermarket operator Ahold has a very professionally organized Business Intelligence system with an infrastructure that averagely handles seven million information requests from 90 different information sources annually. Business Intelligence is used throughout the company at all management levels and by almost all humon 'processors'. A good example: store managers check their state of affairs every single morning. Ahold’s differentiation strategy also leans heavily on Business Intelligence.

Business Intelligence and Healthcare

A large national healthcare group of 16.000 employees provides care services in the psychiatry and welfare sector and helps people with (mental) disabilities. Today, the healthcare industry is changing significantly: there is a growing input from the market and both government and customers increasingly enforce transparency regarding performance. The health care group consists of ten care facilities, all of which have a considerable degree of autonomy, however more and more care processes now need to be standardized. A few years ago the group felt compelled to implement Business Intelligence-software to greatly improve sensitivity on both strategic and operational level.

Steel Wholesaler scans the world using Business Intelligence

This steel supplier already possessed a Business Intelligence system containing internal information about various key business operations. However, some years ago the management decided to building a market intelligence system as an extension to the existing system. The main reasons for this were increasing competition and ever evolving technological developments. The new system continuously scans the internet for news that is of relevance for the company, such as items about a vendor acquiring another vendor, or items about steel from China that is being introduced to the European market at favorable prices.

Global Telecom Company sells more, at lower cost

A global mobile telecommunications company with 87 million customers worldwide, offers mobile communication products and services, in both the private and the business market, on their own network. Their Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) program focuses on customer acceptance, financial operations and on delivering high quality service. The company faces a number of real problems that affect the core of their customer processes. The company lacks insight into the relation between credit checks conducted at customer acceptance and subsequent payment behavior. Also lacking is insight into the quality of new customers brought in through (retail) distribution channels. Additionally, the information supply on renewal of contracts leaves a lot to be desired.

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