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Customer Lifecycle Management

A global mobile telecommunications company with 87 million customers worldwide, offers mobile communication products and services, in both the private and the business market, on their own network. Their Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) program focuses on customer acceptance, financial operations and on delivering high quality service.

A number of real problems

The company faces a number of real problems that affect the core of their customer processes. The company lacks insight into the relation between credit checks conducted at customer acceptance and subsequent payment behavior. Also lacking is insight into the quality of new customers brought in through (retail) distribution channels. Additionally, the information supply on renewal of contracts leaves a lot to be desired.

Product data from various data sources

The company decides to design a Business Analytics system, which extracts both customer and product data from several sources and then processes the data into relevant information that ends up in reports in the form of indicators. Now that all relevant customer information – aggregated and visualized per customer segment – is available on one single sheet op ‘paper’, employees have a solid tool for improving both customer communication and customer acceptance.

Rejection rates steadily decreased

Following the implementation of the Business Intelligence-tools, rejection rates of new contract requests steadily decreased and the number of incorrect rejections reduced by as much as 74%. The number of customer complaints about credit checks also sharply dropped. Within a time span of one year, over one million new contracts were accepted world wide, where as the number of poorly paying customers remained virtually unchanged and the acceptation process costs decreased by 23 million. In short: Business Intelligence very much served to benefit this company.

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