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Car importer builds integrated portal

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Sales on the dashboard

A marketing employee of an importer of well-known car brands notices on her dashboard that the car sales in the Northern region are much lower than budgeted.

From dashboard to analysis

Car importer builds integrated portal

She switches from the dashboard to the interactive analysis mode and performs analysis per postal code region and per household type. The analysis shows that lower sales mainly occur in two-person households in rural areas. She consults (via chat) with the responsible dealer in the region to verify that the dealer knows about the drop in sales and whether he knows what the reasons might be.

Data-mining component

The dealer has no immediate explanation. In the meantime, the marketing assistant requests the data-mining component in the portal to find out what (individual) characteristics determine whether people are interested in buying the new SUV that the importer has recently released. She then combines the results of both the interactive analysis and the data mining process with an ad hoc query, which results in a collection of 150 people/customers.

Visual inspection stays necessary

The dealer collects these results via the portal and checks the list. He then selects two good customers whom he knows are not intending to buy a car any time soon. He then switches to a text editor and writes a letter to both customers in which he offers them a free test ride and a good deal. The customer details are automatically added to the letter and the action is automatically registered in the CRM-system and allocated to the customer it concerns. Closed loop BI.

A TV commercial is broadcasted

To support the direct mailing a TV commercial is developed and broadcasted on local television. A few weeks later, the marketing assistant and the dealer evaluate the results of their actions: ten people requested a test drive and four of them did indeed purchase the SUV. At first glance, this result may not seem huge, however when we look at how little effort both the dealer and the marketing assistant had to put in, it is in fact quite good.

They earned almost 200K in 20 hours

The marketing assistant spent only a few hours and the dealer spent about fourteen hours in total (including test drives and preparing the orders) on this deal. Together they spent a total of 20 hours – spread over a few weeks – to sell four brand new cars worth 182.500 Euros in total. The fact that this cycle took so little time is largely due to a proper portal in which – under the hood – all components are linked together using metadata.

Quick completion of the sales cycle

This shows that Business Intelligence software in combination with a portal is a major ‘enabler’ for quick completion of such sales cycles; however, we must not forget that alert, enterprising and competent employees form the ultimate basis for success. In this specific case, they knew how to respond well to the insights they were offered.

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