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Business Intelligence: what's in a name?

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Is the name Business Intelligence so out of date and tarnished that we are better off calling it something else – perhaps “Performance Management” or “Business Analytics” or “Data Discovery”?

Two groups have completely different views

This is something that we have discussed at length with both the vendors and the customers, interestingly enough the two groups have completely different views. The customers, and here we mean the people in the business who actually fund this type of initiative by buying the software, have a much better understanding of Business Intelligence than Performance Management, analytics or any of the other 50 or so terms that are being used.

It is easy to get budget approved for ‘BI’

It is easier for them to get budget approved for a concept that is widely accepted than for an “exotic” new concept, which may or may not change its name to some other marketing term before the project is finished.

The vendors seem to believe that new names will increase sales

The vendors however still seem to believe that changing the name (and the functionality) will lead to increased acceptance and increased sales. Our belief is that in general, customers are happier with names that they know, if it has four wheels and it drives on roads we prefer to call it an automobile, and if it flies we will call it an aeroplane – whatever marketing thinks!

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