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Bizzscore: the Dutch performance management solution

Bizzscore is a solution which falls under the category of innovative and niche products in our research. This category is meant for products that are aimed at developing a specific element of Business Intelligence. Bizzscore focuses on performance management and is not suitable as a general BI tool.

Bizzscore supports many models in the areas of performance and quality management. Models like the Balanced Scorecard, INK-models, EFQM, and several other quality models.

This software builds on Microsoft BI

Bizzscore is actually not a separate software product, but can be seen as an ‘add-on’ to the Microsoft product stack, with a Microsoft SQL-server at its base. Microsoft’s products are required, so they have to either be present or will have to be purchased separately.

Modular build-up of Bizzscore

Bizzscore’s product portfolio consists of several modules, namely Portal, Bizzdefiner, Bizzdata, Bizzforms and Bizzmanager. All these modules work together smoothly. The organization behind this tool claims that companies can save up to 60% of their time on periodic reports as well as a 40% increase in speed and efficiency in reporting.

VCD: the supplier of Bizzscore

Bizzscore was originally created by EFM-software and was sold to VCD in 2012. It’s one of the bigger independent ICT-suppliers in the Netherlands and has more than 375 employees. They have a ‘full-service’ package, as they call it, from consultancy and application development to supplying the infrastructure and maintenance.

VCD Business Intelligence is a separate part of the VCD line, which delivers Qlik and SAP BI-solutions besides Bizzscore. It’s also possible to follow product training at VCD and they have a separate help desk for BI questions.

Bizzscore is especially known in the Benelux and VCD targets specific markets with this solution, like municipalities, healthcare, retail, and insurance companies.

What are the most important advantages of the Bizzscore suite?

The biggest advantages of the Bizzscore suite are:

  • The product is specifically made for performance management and quality management purposes.
  • Looking at details, the drill-down function, is simple, and the package is fully available in Dutch.
  • The product supports the ‘Plan, Do, Act and Check cycle’, also called the PDCA-cycle, digitally.
  • The application can handle different performance and quality models.
  • The solution is built on the well-known Microsoft BI stack.

What are the negative points of interest regarding the Bizzscore suite?

The Bizzscore suite also has some disadvantages. A few points of interest are named below:

  • Bizzscore is a relatively small player on the BI-market.
  • The product is very suitable for performance and quality management, but less suitable as a total BI solution.
  • An organization using BizzScore will need to use a separate BI solution as well.
  • Bizzscore works on top of the Microsoft stack, which requires separate licenses.

Strategic positioning of the Bizzscore suite

Bizzscore software is a specific product which focuses on the performance management and quality management market. It’s available in the Benelux and they don’t have any international ambitions. The solution can’t measure up to a lot of the general BI solutions that are available. As mentioned earlier, it is a product which falls in the category of innovative and niche products. The Passionned Parabola for BI & Analytics will give you a clear look at the ranking of the tool compared to its competitors.

Check market position

Bizzscore VCD compared to other BI-tools

Bizzscore VCD serves a specific market, but it certainly isn’t the only one to offer functionality in the BI market in terms of performance and quality. If you want to know who else is eligible, or if you want to answer the question whether this tool is the one for you, then our Business Intelligence Tools Survey 2019 is the solution. For each product you can see which functionality is offered. The tools are scored and compared on over 190 criteria. It’s the ideal way to quickly arrive at a balanced judgment. This survey can be ordered directly through our website.

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Interim Bizzscore expertise

Do you want to buy Bizzscore or use it better?Bizzscore is a specific solution which might be a fine fit for your organization, but how do you deal with the broader information needs of your organization? Does this tool match the maturity of your organization? The experts at Passionned Group have both an understanding of Business Intelligence as well as a sound understanding of concepts as Balanced Scorecards, INK method, EFQM and all the other abbreviations used in performance management and quality management.

Other BI tools

Bizzscore is certainly not the only BI tool that scores high on performance management. Take a good look at other suppliers as well. You will be surprised what Enterprise BI suppliers can provide in this area.

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More than just purchasing a tool

Implementing performance management in an organization is more than just buying a tool and implementing it. Our experts help organizations get up and running and together we’ll ensure that your organization matures quickly. To learn more about how Bizzscore can be implemented swiftly, or if you’d like to continue talking about performance and quality management, please contact one of our experts.

Want to learn more about Bizzscore or performance management?

With extensive BI knowledge, various Business Intelligence training courses, consultancy and research, Passionned Group has been serving organizations since 2004 as the independent knowledge provider on BI, Performance, and quality management. Please contact us if you want to take the next step towards an intelligent organization.

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