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Successfully complete Business Intelligence projects

Business Intelligence presents great opportunities for any organization, in the form of simpler and more reliable management information, better analyses, and higher-quality decisions. The result: a competitive edge.

You may be curious how we handle projects like this. Our many years of experience in BI and analytics enables us to complete Business Intelligence projects quickly and with great success.

What separates a BI project from traditional system development?

BI projects set themselves apart from “traditional”system development projects in some key ways:

  • BI projects often cross boundaries between departments, processes, and business units.
  • BI projects contain a mix of strategy, IT, processes, and behavior and tend to involve a lot of internal politics.
  • The users and IT departments have to work together closely.
  • Business Intelligence projects involve more than just the operational level, but also the tactical and strategic levels within an organization.
  • BI projects require a combination of two methodologies: the traditional waterfall method and the modern iterative method involving incremental work according to agile & scrum methodology. The first methodology is needed for information analysis and building out a balanced architecture, and the second methodology realizes the various increments.
  • BI projects require a multi-disciplinary project team.

Standard project management is not enough

The above points demand a lot from the project manager and the project team. Passionned Group took this to heart and developed an (agile, scrum) methodology specifically to account for the above points: the Business Intelligence project cycle. This approach has proven remarkably successful across various (large) organizations. Although it uses some elements from existing project management methodologies, such as working with business cases from Prince II and DSDM Agile framework, the Business Intelligence project cycle focuses on the specific activities and products of Business Intelligence projects.

BI projects don’t have to fail

Unfortunately, many Business Intelligence and data warehouse projects fail, partially due to the factors mentioned earlier. And also because it often proves difficult to formulate a strong business case, despite one proving to be there, after some detective work. However, the most important contributor to failure, as shown by research of almost 390 organizations, is that not enough attention is paid to company culture and the behavioral side of Business Intelligence.

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The key to a successful Business Intelligence project is solid methodology, proper risk assessment, and a balanced and capable project team. Our experience BI project managers are eager to help you accomplish your goals. Contact us freely for more information or an appointment.

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