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Passionned Group is a leading analyst and consultancy firm specialized in Business Analytics and Business Intelligence. Our passionate advisors assist many organizations in selecting the best Business Analytics Software and applications. Every two years we organize the election of the smartest company.

Our BI scan tells you where you are and where you’re going

The Business Intelligence Scan (BI Scan) from Passionned Group gives you insight into the discrepancy between the maturity level and the ambitions of your Business Intelligence on the one side, and the desires and skills of the internal clients on the other side. The BI scan measures the maturity level of your BI organization and helps you determine where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there.

Scanned by experts

Based on the answers to dozens of research questions, we draft a document concerning Business Intelligence, Big Data, and Advanced Analytics. The results of the BI Scan, validated by experts, form valuable starting point for the discussion about the development of Business Intelligence & Analytics within your organization.

Clear insight into where and why development stagnates

From the results, you can deduce where and why the development of Business Intelligence in your organization is stagnating. Based on the results we can also give you directions on how to start developing the Business Intelligence in your organization further. Finally, we’ll make a custom-made model, tailored to your organization, for the further development of Business Analytics in your company.

The structure of the BI Scan

  1. Automated surveys (optional)
  2. Various interview sessions and workshops
  3. Analysis and reporting
  4. Presentation for key personnel (mini-conference)

Why get a BI Scan from Passionned Group?

✓ We’re 100% independent and have dozens of years in BI & Analytics.
✓ We have years of experience in giving advice to management and directors.
✓ We help you clear up your budget in a responsible, grounded way.

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