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BI is useless if it’s not used

Have you ever seen a business intelligence system that was developed according to all the rules, but is only used for a couple of reports or, worse still, not used at all? Is there too much information in the data warehouse that’s never used at all or is it so slow that you don’t have the time to find out?

Is the quality of the information that is produced questionable? Or do you just not get the information you really want? Then our Business Intelligence audit is your unique opportunity to get your Business Intelligence system back on track and start producing the sort of information that your organization really needs.

Improve your return on investment

You probably already use business intelligence tools and maybe a data warehouse, but the expectations regarding return on investment have never been met. Working together with key people in your organization we can examine the Business Intelligence system and the infrastructure that supports it and make clear, practical suggestions, to improve the situation both in the short and long term.

The BI audit quickly discovers bottlenecks and acceptance problems

The Business Intelligence Audit can discover very quickly where the bottlenecks and acceptance problems are, and if they have a technical or organizational (political) background. A typical Business Intelligence audit looks at the following aspects:

  • The response times when carrying out online analysis and the currency of the information;
  • The quality of both the data and the information;
  • The way in which the data is extracted from the source systems (ETL);
  • The way the information is visualized;
  • The structure of the users’ organization and their (real) requirements;
  • The way that the information which is produced actually fits the jobs and the responsibilities of the people that use it and need it, both management and staff;
  • The architecture of the Business Intelligence system, including the data model;
  • The structure of the consolidations (OLAP cubes and aggregations);
  • The user and system documentation;
  • The manner in which the system is supported.

At the end of the audit we produce a solid report, with a management summary, a risk analysis, and concrete recommendations for improvement.

Tip: Business Intelligence review

The Business Intelligence review of the Passionned Group reveals the strengths and weaknesses of all the major Business Intelligence tools on the market. They reviewed all the major Business Intelligence tools on 197 selection criteria very thoroughly without any vendor bias. The Business Intelligence review is truly vendor-independent and contains all the information you need to know to select Business Intelligence tools that fit your organization, both from a technical (IT) and a business perspective. The survey contains many graphs giving valuable insights for the selection of Business Intelligence software. Each graphs is explained in detail and reveals which tools are good in specific areas like performance management, dashboard tools, data visualization, usability, connectivity, big data and so forth.

Business Intelligence review

The Enterprise Edition of the Business Intelligence review comes with all the details of the Business Intelligence tools. That level of detail gives you the opportunity to make a choice based on validated facts.


We are a truly independent company and we guarantee neutrality towards all the Business Intelligence vendors. They don’t pay a fee to get included in our surveys and we don’t have any preferences or biases.

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