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Amsterdam-Amstelland fire brigade wins Dutch BI Award 2013

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Passionned Group is a leading analyst and consultancy firm specialized in Business Analytics and Business Intelligence. Our passionate advisors assist many organizations in selecting the best Business Analytics Software and applications. Every two years we organize the election of the smartest company.

Both the audience and the jury prize for the smartest organization

The Amsterdam-Amstelland Fire Brigade emerged as the big winner at the presentation of the Dutch BI Awards in 2013. They were able to take home not only the audience prize, but also the jury prize. The ability to predict potential fire locations and subsequently conduct targeted awareness campaigns specifically at those locations and therefore prevent fires, made a huge impression on both the jury and the audience.

The Dutch BI Awards is an initiative of the Passionned Group and is intended to provide independent recognition for organizations that have designed their Business Intelligence in a very innovative, smart and striking way. The winner can call itself the ‘Smartest organization in the Netherlands’.

Award ceremony

From 40 entries, the independent jury chaired by Menno Lanting put forward six organizations for the Dutch BI Awards in 2013. After a second round, the jury nominated the Amsterdam-Amstelland Fire Brigade, GBRD Parkstad Limburg and Seacon Logistics. The winner was announced on the 1st of October, 2013 at the “Intelligence at the speed of business” event, a festive meeting at the EYE Film Museum in Amsterdam that was open to all.

The winner

The Amsterdam-Amstelland Fire Brigade eventually won both the audience prize and the jury price. Commander Elie van Strien: “I am extremely proud that we won both awards. It is a compliment for our entire organization. The beauty of our winning submission is that it arose from the bottom-up, which I see as a second, but just as important success.”

Jury report

“The Amsterdam-Amstelland Fire Brigade shows a large degree of creativity in adapting to new developments in the technological and organizational fields. By making very focused and practical use of open data sources, the brigade is able to generate intelligence that can be used to prevent fires, to give more specific information and to enrich internal knowledge sharing within the brigade. The jury was also positively affected by the fact that the impulse for this started in the workplace without any instruction being given from ‘the top’ for this. Its immediate applicability in the day-to-day work was central to its success. This does not mean that brigade management did not enthusiastically and generously encourage and facilitate the initiatives where necessary. The jury sees this as a nice interplay between entrepreneurship, trust, transparency, innovation and information provision. The open standards ensure an easy transfer of the business intelligence approach to other Government services. In granting this award, the jury has also given credit for the social impact that was brought about by the use and especially the combining together and interpretation of these data sources said jury chairman Menno Lanting, in commenting on the verdict of the jury.

Smartest organization

“The Smartest organization in the Netherlands appears to be a huge incentive for companies and nonprofit organizations to qualify as an intelligent organization. As the initiator and organizer of this award ceremony, the Passionned Group wants to make an active social contribution in order to make organizations substantially more intelligent. So that they get more satisfied customers and employees, overtake the competition, and be able do things a little better every day on the basis of reliable and immediately applicable information. So that the Netherlands becomes much smarter!” says Daan van Beek, Managing Director of Passionned Group, author of the successful Business Intelligence book ‘The intelligent organization’.

The ‘Intelligence at the speed of business’ event and the Dutch BI Awards are an initiative of the independent consultancy company, Passionned Group. Both events were made possible by the sponsors QlikView, MicroStrategy and Incentro.

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