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Each day 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated by a broad variety of sources. IBM believes data is the newest resource for competitive advantages and analytics are its key.

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Ten new Experience Labs around the world will be opened

IBM on top of the analytics game with data-driven innovations and new labs On March 27 the company announced having plans to commit over 100 million dollars to build upon its portfolio on this resource. IBM expanded it’s big data capabilities for customer experience and plans to add another 1.000 employees worldwide to its payroll. Ten new Experience Labs around the world will be opened, amongst others in Groningen, New York and Bangalore, to present clients with the opportunity to work side-by-side with IBM’s experts.

Multidisciplinary teams can analyze business challenges

As the global demand for data-driven experiences grows, so will the number of labs. Here multidisciplinary teams can analyze business challenges and create solutions together that integrate next-generation mobile, social, analytics and cloud-technologies. According to IBM, the interactive experience in the labs will allow their clients to engage with their customers in new ways. Personalized and mobile-driven experiences are created that hinge on insights that IBM converts with their analytic software solutions, from information that includes individual decisions, choices, preferences and attitudes.

New innovations

Which data-driven innovations does the company add to its already broad portfolio? The newest ‘innovations’ are ‘intelligent customer profiles’, ‘influence analysis’ and ‘customer identity resolution’. An analytics-driven solution is ‘intelligent customer profiles’. This enables consumers to directly manage the personal information that companies use in order to provide them with services. Not only does this provide a clearer picture, it also negates privacy issues as the consumer is in direct control.

IBM added a rule-based matching toolkit

An analytical approach that goes beyond social media influencer scoring is the ‘influence analysis’. This identifies individuals who influence other consumers in relation to a specific topic. Companies can use this information to select an ambassador for their brand or products. Last but not least IBM added a rule-based matching toolkit to its portfolio titled ‘customer identity resolution’. This should be useful to better understand prospective customers that companies have little information on as it connects information across different data sources.

The Business Intelligence Tools Survey

Additional and more up-to-date information on all IBM Analytics solutions is available in our Business Intelligence Tools Survey 2019.

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