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Traditional BI market leaders driven into a corner

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Passionned Group is a leading analyst and consultancy firm specialized in Business Analytics and Business Intelligence. Our passionate advisors assist many organizations in selecting the best Business Analytics Software and applications. Every two years we organize the election of the smartest company.

The Passionned Parabola™, a part of the annual Business Intelligence Tools Survey by Passionned Group, has revealed that the large traditional IT companies risk losing their position as BI market leader. They lack focus.

The vendors who occupy the best positions in the Parabola, namely SAS, MicroStrategy, Qlik, Tableau and Yellowfin BI, are all companies that focus completely on Business Intelligence and Analytics.

Positioning the BI vendors

The Passionned Parabola™ is a tool for assessing the market position of all the major Business Intelligence vendors. The positioning of the vendors has been established by investigating how Business Intelligence and Analytics works in organizations and how platforms and tools for Business Intelligence optimally supports this. That includes, among other things, a seamless integration of reporting, analysis, data discovery, and advanced analytics.

The Passionned Parabola™

The survey (197 questions, since 2007) was established by collecting, validating and analyzing 3349 data points.

How does it work?

A spotlight casts light on the different suppliers from the focal point at the top of the parabola. The followers and the challengers are fully in the spotlight. They follow the market or try to drive the leaders from their position by responding even more intelligently to new trends in the area of User Experience or by linking products seamlessly together. While not standing fully in the spotlight, the leaders have enough vision to be shining examples for others. The companies in the leftmost section are in the danger zone and, according to the researchers, are more or less groping around in the dark, have lost their ambitions and focus, or are still immature.

The best of both worlds

The best of both worldsThe results show that the more mature a supplier is, the more likely it is to end up in the danger zone. That makes sense, says Daan van Beek, Managing Director of the Passionned Group: “The more functionality the vendors add, the harder it is to remain user friendly, and the more products, the harder it is to make them work well together. You generally see younger organizations perform better. Therefore it is extremely clever when vendors are at the top right of the parabola. This means that they are able to combine the best of both worlds.”

Where is the focus?

At the top of the parabola there are products and platforms that are able to support all BI maturity levels: from reporting to analysis, from data discovery and dashboarding to highly advanced analytics. That some vendors are not at the maturity level where they would like to position themselves especially has to do with the fact that they lack important functionality at lower levels.

“It is not surprising that almost all leaders in the parabola concentrate 100% on Business Intelligence and Analytics,” says Van Beek. “It poses a big challenge for the major IT giants to apply the same focus. They are large enough not to collapse, so customers don’t have to worry about continuity. But it would not surprise me if their Business Analytics unit does not yield much. They will therefore be challenged continuously and driven into a corner by the leaders in the parabola. Subsequently, the IT giants have not all found a good answer to this. IBM tries with Watson Analytics, Microsoft with Power BI, and SAP with HANA and Lumira, very nice stuff, but they’re still stuck with a lot of legacy and different products.”

Smart organizations

Van Beek: “The goal of our efforts is to help organizations become more intelligent, improve margins, and increase customer satisfaction. A solution must therefore be very user friendly and accessible and contain sufficient functionality. Competitive pricing or just continuously adding additional functionality is not going to contribute here. It is about an optimal blend of bringing together, visualizing, and interpreting massive amounts of data and unlocking it for everyone in a user friendly and integrated way.”

He continues: “Only such an optimal mix can ensure that companies transform from an “institution” to an organic whole, whereby each business unit is ranged behind the same goal from a central intelligence. In this way, you can ensure that the various departments no longer work in isolation, but move together as a well-oiled machine. Only then can you get back the original passion, which once stood at the base of your organization. And that is essential for the success of your business and the motivation of your employees.”

Who are the winners in the different categories?

Who are the winners in the different categories?Besides an overall picture, the Business Intelligence Tools Survey (210 pages) gives insight in 15 different categories on the strengths and weaknesses of the solutions. The companies that scored the best in the different categories:

  • Microsoft BI: winner in 2 categories: “Self-service BI” & “Performance & Big Data”
  • Oracle BI: Best Mobile BI solution
  • SAS BI: leader in “Predictive Analytics”
  • BOARD: global leader in Performance Management
  • WebFOCUS: best in “Infrastructure and architecture” and “Security and Connectivity”
  • IBM Cognos: best in “BI for the Cloud”
  • Yellowfin BI: winner in the category “Collaborative & Social BI”
  • MicroStrategy: best in the categories “Core functionality” and “Usability and Visualization”

More information

Do you want more information on the results of the Passionned Parabola™ and the underlying data? Then check the following pages:

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