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Tooling = fooling? Not with a BI Tool selection

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Passionned Group is a leading analyst and consultancy firm specialized in Business Analytics and Business Intelligence. Our passionate advisors assist many organizations in selecting the best Business Analytics Software and applications. Every two years we organize the election of the smartest company.

The world around you is changing. Your organization is changing. The demands the organization places on management information is also changing. There comes a point where you realize that your current tools are inadequate in this new moment. You need newer, modern Business Intelligence tools. But what should this tool be able to do? Polling the organization reveals a diverse set of needs and wants from the various employees, depending on their role in the organization. You may begin to wonder if there are any tools that meet all your needs.

Thorough knowledge of the BI market

This is an example of the sort of issue that Passionned Group encounters every day. Our independent expertise gives us thorough knowledge of the Business Intelligence (definition) market. We’re the ideal party to advise your BI manager in situations like the above. How do we go about this?

Business and IT strategy

First, we take stock of the critical functionality the tool should possess. It’s important to talk to the right people in the organization. We also make sure to take the business and IT strategy into consideration. We have many years of experience in tool selection projects. Passionned Group’s consultants will consider every important aspect of functionality. We also attach a weighting to every element of the tool so that we can separate the critical aspects from the nice-to-have ones.

BI Matrix

After taking inventory of the desired functionality, we use our BI Matrix to make a preliminary selection from the list of BI vendors. This shortlist will then be discussed with stakeholders, and the pros and cons of each vendor will be discussed. Then, the best two or three vendors from this shortlist will be invited to present their offering.

Proof of concept

The next step is soliciting a proof of concept from one or two vendors to determine if the tool meets your needs in a real-life situation. Passionned Group evaluates this process critically to determine to what degree the tool contains the required functionality. The results are then discussed with stakeholders, and we draft an advisory report, including a mini-conference. Passionned Group can also aid in negotiating a price with the vendor when purchasing a BI tool, if desired.

Why Passionned Group?

  • Extensive knowledge of the BI market (research, training courses).
  • Years of experience in advising and consultant in the Business Intelligence field.
  • Honest and independent advice.

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