List of Business Intelligence tools

List of Business Intelligence tools: which is the best for your needs?

What type of Business Intelligence tools are available in the market?

This list of Business Intelligence tools reflects a number of categories of BI tools:

  • Enterprise BI platforms
  • Databases or packaged BI tools
  • Visual Data Discovery tools
  • Pure reporting tools
  • Pure dashboard tools
  • Pure OLAP tools
  • Innovative or niche tools

The list of Business Intelligence tools

The list of BI tools below is in random order. For a 100% vendor independent ranking on 169 key selection criteria you might be interested in our BI Tools Survey.

How do the BI tools in the list compare?

The tools in the list of BI tools above are compared on 169 key selection criteria in our Businsss Intelligence Tools Survey 2014. This 100% vendor independent comparison shows both the strengths and weaknesses of all the major BI tools in the market. In addition it contains expert opinions, many tips and a BI tools comparison matrix.

To the BI tools Survey

Why are certain BI tools not on this list?

Many software vendors believe they are providing a complete Business Intelligence platform. They approach us to get to be included in this list and our survey. We send them our RFI Questionnaire and then we never hear of them again! They clearly did not want to give us the answers and a comparison cannot be done without the vendor’s cooperation. That is why the niche players Arcplan, Spotfire, Talend, Actuate and Panorama software were not included.

What if your favorite BI tool is not on this list?

If the Business Intelligence tool you want more information on is not on the list of BI tools and you would like it to be included in the Business Intelligence Tools Survey, please fill in the evaluation request form and we will evaluate the Business Intelligence tool for free.