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Review: Sisense has a clear market position

Sisense is one of the up-and-coming companies completely focused on Cloud-based BI solutions. They have a strong focus on costumer satisfaction and have an in-house sales department that’s available 24/7. This is a totally different approach from most other BI vendors.

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The organization behind Sisense is relatively young and the company hasn’t gone public. Sisense’s success isn’t solely due to its unique sales approach, but also its innovations and distinguishing technologies, for example the in-memory in-chip database. According to Sisense, this database can store 100 times more data and is 10 times faster than that of its competitors. This, combined with a completely cloud-based solution, ensures that you can get up and running in no time. Sisense is taking an innovative approach, especially with Sisense Anywhere, which will be discussed later in this article.

Who is behind Sisense software?

Sisense was founded in Tel Aviv in 2004, but they didn’t really enter the market until 2010. Until 2010 they spent a lot of time researching and developing their product. The company now has seven establishments and is active in 49 countries.

The company distinguishes itself with a strong focus on its (end) customers and an in-house approach to sales. Sales and support is usually based in one of its own three establishments. Sisense’s focus on customer satisfaction sets it apart in the BI market. A lot of BI vendors could take a page from their book.

Sisense hasn’t gone public, but has already made over 100 million dollars in financing over the last several years. This money is used to accelerate product development and reinforce its growing sales and support network. The organization has been undergoing a growth spurt over the last few years, both in size (230% increase in employees in sales and support) and in revenue (doubled every year). Impressive achievements for a company in such a crowded market.

The pros of Sisense

The biggest advantages of Sisense:

  • Easy to use, even for complex data models. The software can work with a reasonable amount of sources, including Hadoop.
  • Their technology is ahead of the competition with in-memory and in-chip database storage which is “10 times faster” than their competitors’ offerings.
  • They deliver a high-quality customer service experience with a high NPS score. They have an in-house sales department and a very active community.
  • Innovative new features like data use via Amazon Echo. Users can use speech to request data and have the results spoken out loud. Sisense also developed a data bot that allows users to ask questions by typing.
  • Relatively low costs, and Sisense has an active OEM policy for vendors that want to deliver this product as white label.
  • Service and customer support is mostly digital, with an online help desk, forums, and an extensive set of tutorial videos. They also offer on-boarding for new customers.

The cons of Sisense

Most vendors prefer to ignore their weaknesses, but they’re important to know. The most important ones for Sisense are:

  • Functionality. Sisense’s offering can’t compete with other important vendors in this area. It’s lacking in data mining, predictive analytics, and social BI, among other areas. In all other functionality-related areas, they score lower than similar competitors.
  • Relatively low licensing costs, but when rolling out across the organization, costs quickly ramp up.
  • Sisense is used in a lot of organizations, relatively. It seems like the scope of data is relatively low, compared to organizations that use other BI solutions.
  • The product is mostly focused on simpler reporting and dashboard functionality. These are used often. Features like drilling down, data analysis, and preparation are less prominent.
  • Like some other vendors, Sisense uses an in-memory data warehouse solution. That’s fine for straightforward data warehouse use, but it may cause problems as your organization increases in BI maturity.

Strategic positioning

Sisense may not be the most famous BI vendor, but with double the revenue year over year, they’re making strong inroads. Their focus is on users who want to quickly make BI reports and dashboards without having their own data warehouse environment. They’re also competitive in the OEM market, where they offer their product through other suppliers.

Is Sisense the Nikon of BI?

Sisense claims that they deliver a complete solution with the motto “we’re the Nikon of BI”, but in terms of functionality, they’re not there yet. As your organization matures, the need for a comprehensive data warehouse solution will increase. Sisense barely supports solutions like this because it has its own in-memory DWH solution. This isn’t a negative point per se, but it is important to be aware of.

Colored lights

Sisense is innovating in interesting areas like speech software and simplification of data-driven working with the Sisense Anywhere solution. This solution lets users request data from Amazon Echo or color room lights based on KPI scores. Is this going to become a new trend in BI?

Sisense’s market position

We view Sisense as an innovative player that deserves its position in the market. But in terms of functionality, they’re still far behind their more traditional competitors. The Passionned Group Parabola will tell you about Sisense’s position in the BI marketplace at a glance, as well as showing you comparable competitors.

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Sisense compared to other BI Tools

Before deciding on a BI solution, you should consider your options carefully. Does Sisense’s functionality match the needs of your organization, now and in the future? Are there other BI solutions that may suit your needs better?

Passionned Group’s totally independent BI Tools Survey will help you make smart decision. This Survey compares 19 different solutions. See which solution offers which functionality at a glance and make a considered choice. You can order this survey directly through our website.

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Other BI Tools

Sisense certainly isn’t the only cloud-based BI solution out there. If you’re considering implementing a solution like this, look into the options available from other BI vendors.

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Sisense software expertise

Sisense software is very user-friendly. Thanks to the cloud-based approach, installation is simple, and supported by Sisense’s onboarding sessions.

So why hire a Sisense expert? BI quickly becomes more than simply loading data into a system and generating nice-looking reports. Knowledge of data, data quality, and how to best visualize data are keys to a successful BI implementation. Having an easy-to-use solution is far from a golden ticket to success.

Our Sisense experts can assist you in crossing the gap between data, the needs of the organization, and Sisense. They can give you a rolling start on using BI in your company.

Want to know more about Sisense or Business Analytics?

Passionned Group is eager to help you with various other services, such as training courses and selection advice. We have an extensive Analytics & BI knowledge base that you can consult. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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