Daan van Beek

Daan van Beek Making organizations work a lot smarter: that’s Daan van Beek’s passion. He advises & facilitates companies and governments in the area of smart Business Intelligence and the Intelligent organization.

He studied Organizational IT at the Open University and then proceeded to gain his Master of Science degree in Knowledge & Information Technology at the Middlesex University in London. Daan is the author of the management book Data Science for Decision-Makers & Data Professionals, founder of the Passionned Group, where he now fulfills the function of managing director.

Daan as an advisor

Daan’s strength lies in helping employees and managers learn to improve performance in a practical and professional manner. By consistently pushing towards valuable insights and the right KPIs and then securing those in an improvement cycle, a lot can be improved. He is also an expert in the field of optimizing the User Experience (UX), Business Intelligence frameworks, BI architecture, and selecting business intelligence software.

Daan as a lecturer / workshop leader

Daan gives guest lectures at the Rotterdam School of Management and Tilburg University (TIAS), among others, and provides masterclasses on Business Intelligence in Europe, Asia, Africa, and New York. He has extensive experience in the following sectors: healthcare, retail and pharmaceuticals, (local) government, and insurers.

Daan teaches several courses & masterclasses

Daan van Beek takes care of a number of programs within the Passionned Group that may be of interest to you. The 3-day BI masterclass is definitely a must if you want to score with BI / Analytics.

Daan as an author

Daan likes to write: he authored the book Data Science for Decision-Makers and Data Professionals. He has also wrapped up work on a new (Dutch) book on Business Intelligence & PDCA. He is a member of the jury for the election of the ‘Smartest organization in the Netherlands’ and regularly speaks at seminars and conferences.

A selection of his books:

Daan is an avid writer and literally lives off of the letters. He wrote several books and has more than 50 publications to his name. A selection of his work:

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