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Infuse big data insights into work processes

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The biggest challenge: exploit value from it

Massive volumes of structured and unstructured data from business applications, machines, social media and more accumulate in organizations each day. The challenge is to exploit the value of this information within the context of end-to-end processes such as procure to pay, order to cash, idea to offering and plan to inventory.

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Get one single view of your processes

Infuse big data insights into work processes with SAP HANA’s newest bundleSAP HANA’s intelligent business operations bundle addresses the struggle that many organizations have to gain one single view of their processes and make use of Big Data in a way that empowers line-of-business users to improve their operations.

Big data insights into their processes in real time

The intelligent business operations bundle is meant to help organizations with infusing big data insights into their processes in real time. This allows them to work smarter and improve their responsiveness to threats and opportunities. This new bundle is based on the HANA platform and combines SAP’s ‘operational process intelligence’, ‘Netweaver process orchestration’, ‘event stream processor’ and ‘PowerDesigner’.

Analyze large volumes of process data from any data source

A combination that allows for complete upstream and downstream visibility among process documentation, implementation and analysis. Operational process intelligence software can analyze large volumes of process data from any data source.

Enterprise-wide process modeling

The Netweaver process orchestration software is meant for the implementation and execution of business processes that span multiple applications. Events from legacy systems, social feeds and unstructured events are correlated and filtered with the event stream processor. And enterprise-wide process modeling and documentation, which can be done with the PowerDesigner, complete the bundle. Source:

The Business Intelligence Tools Survey

Additional and more up-to-date information on all the major Big Data & BI-tools is available in our Business Intelligence Tools Survey 2019.

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