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Enterprise-wide data discovery with Yellowfin 7

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New version of Yellowfin BI platform

A new version of the Australian BI platform Yellowfin has been released in December. Yellowfin 7 according to its vendor strikes a fine balance between administrative requirements of the business and data exploration.

This press release has been written by a vendor and published as a news item on this website. It does not necessarily reflect the results of our 100% vendor independent research.

Several modules completely redesigned

Enterprise-wide data discovery with Yellowfin 7Several modules have been completely redesigned and new features have been added to the BI platform. This release focuses on enriched administration, improved content creation, multi-chart formatting, collaborative decision making and mobile report authoring.

Immediate insight

A new module for content creation enables users to analyze business data real-time, unscheduled. This generates immediate business insight, because the report creation interface was also redesigned. A canvas immediately visualises selected fields, so users can see if their desired report will indeed be created. Subsequently these reports can be configured for mass distribution, taking corporate styling guidelines into account.

Conduct mobile analysis

Browser access to report authoring, allows for Yellowfin users to create content or conduct analysis from their mobile devices. A new iPhone application has also been released as part of Yellowfin 7, this includes a ‘Browse’ page to sort, view and search their BI content. The look and feel of the app have been aligned with the iPad app.

Multi-chart formatting

Furthermore a deeper insight can now be gained through multi-chart formatting. This can be found in the content creation module and allows creating as many charts as needed from a single dataset. This enables quick data exploration from multiple perspectives. Also it reduces the time it takes to author a report. By dragging and dropping multiple charts, users create their own dashboard-like custom view. A range of custom widgets is also provided for the output canvas. Another new feature is the Auto Chart that instantly visualises selected data.

New administration console

Completely rewritten was the Administration Console. It is said to balance the needs of the business IT and users of self-service Data Discovery through the Yellowfin analytics platform. Administrators can now optimize their Yellowfin environment more easily, thanks to a range of functions, key metrics and a single comprehensive overview. In this module not only user management can be found, but also usage statistics, scheduling, licensing, data security and more.

Social BI-collaboration: decision widgets

A series of decision widgets has been added to Yellowfin’s timeline-feed. User activities are logged here and can be influenced to for example boost user engagement or stimulate collaborative decisions. Starting a discussion by commenting on a report, is an example. After which resolution deadlines can be set, or users can vote on proposed actions. This functionality was added to the BI platform in order to turn insight and discussion directly into action. Yellowfin believes that there is no return on investment for analytic software, without decision. Source:

Additional and more up-to-date information on this BI-tool is available in our Business Intelligence Tools Survey 2019.

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