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MicroStrategy launches Analytics Platform

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A new analytics platform

At the end of 2013, MicroStrategy have launched a new Analytics Platform, which is one of the most important new release for the company in some time. Together with the enterprise platform come two free additional self-service visualization tools.

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MicroStrategy Analytics Enterprise is new and enhanced

MicroStrategy launches Analytics PlatformMicroStrategy does not want to go with the popular flow of what they call ‘quick-hit data discovery solutions’; indeed, whilst these do provide some analytical satisfaction, they can lead into a BI cul-de-sac due to poor scalability, governance, trust, security and lack of native support for mobile apps. Instead, the company sticks to their full service enterprise-grade business intelligence.

Free self-service visual analytics tool for desktops

As part of the MicroStrategy Analytics Platform, MicroStrategy released a free self-service visual analytics tool for desktops, called MicroStrategy Analytics Desktop.
MicroStrategy Analytics Express is a free cloud-based tool for self-service visual analytics. As a SaaS-based solution, Analytics Express delivers the same capabilities as Desktop, plus a few extra such as dashboards, native mobile apps, and secure collaboration. For a limited period, the tool will be available free to all users for a year. Source:

Additional and more up-to-date information on this BI-tool is available in our Business Intelligence Tools Survey 2019.

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