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Jaspersoft taken over by TIBCO Software

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Provider of embedded business intelligence and reporting software Jaspersoft Corporation has been bought by TIBCO Software.

The continuation of Jaspersoft’s open source mission is not yet clear

Jaspersoft taken over by TIBCO Software

TIBCO is a global supplier of infrastructure and business intelligence software. The combination of the two companies’ offerings allow TIBCO to cover the whole of the analytics market while providing value to the combined set of customers and prospects. The continuation of Jaspersoft’s open source mission is not yet clear.

TIBCO paid approximately $185 million for the company

The commercial open source business model and embedded business intelligence suite of Jaspersoft allows application developers to embed highly interactive reports, dashboards and analytics into their applications. These tools give customers the ability to gain insight from multiple data sources and ultimately make better decisions. TIBCO paid approximately $185 million for the company, because they’ve noticed a huge increase in the demand for of business intelligence and analytics tools.

The acquisition of Jaspersoft accelerates the strategy of TIBCO

Murray Rode, COO at TIBCO explains that their business strategy is to continue to expand their market model with a wider range of pricing, packaging and deployment options. The acquisition of Jaspersoft accelerates this strategy, he thinks, as it brings a subscription pricing approach for its commercial products along with a set of open source offerings. The Jaspersoft utility cloud service complements TIBCO’s SaaS BI Service Spotfire Cloud.

16 million product downloads

The acquired Jaspersoft software has nearly 16 million product downloads worldwide, more than 140,000 production deployments of its software and 2,000 commercial customers in 100 countries. A development community of more than 400,000 registered members regularly participates in its open source BI projects.

The Business Intelligence Tools Survey (Jaspersoft review included)

Additional and more up-to-date information on the Jaspersoft’s offering is available in our Business Intelligence Tools Survey 2019.

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