Jaspersoft BI 4.7 | Native connectivity to Big Data

Jaspersoft releases version 4.7: connect with Big Data

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Most widely used BI software

Jaspersoft, maker of the world’s most widely used Business Intelligence software, today announced availability of Jaspersoft Business Intelligence 4.7. Reports generated by JasperReports Server now give even casual users the ability to interact with more of their data. Jaspersoft’s open source business model and zero-cost per-user licensing fees make interactive reporting affordable for even the largest scale reporting projects. Further improvements in Jaspersoft 4.7 include direct native connectivity to Big Data sources and expanded mobile device support.

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Jaspersoft 4.7 comes complete with

  • Interactive Reporting for Everyone Jaspersoft 4.7 delivers self-service capabilities for production reporting environments with a complete open source-based, interactive reporting and analysis solution. The new release reduces report development costs through built-in interactivity, enabling new levels of personalization of pixel-perfect, print-ready and web-based reports. The enhanced report functionality lets users quickly and easily move, hide, sort, and filter their data without the help of a Business Intelligence consultant or the need to export to Microsoft Excel.
  • Expanded Mobile Access for Android & iOS Devices Anywhere-access to production reports increases data-driven decisions and drives superior performance. Jaspersoft 4.7 expands the industry’s first open source Mobile Business Intelligence solution for iOS with the new native Android application and software development kit (SDK). Jaspersoft’s complete mobile solution allows developers to embed Business Intelligence in their native mobile smartphone applications while also offering full-featured tablet-based, touch-screen Business Intelligence through a mobile browser.
  • Real-time Reporting & Analysis for MongoDB As the leader and first Business Intelligence company to make native Big Data exploration available to developers and Business Intelligence end-users, Jaspersoft has enhanced its native MongoDB connector to enable real-time reporting and analysis of web-scale application data. The connector provides a direct link intelligently connecting JasperReports Server and the MongoDB source data, thus enabling de-serialized, filtered data to be reported on and analyzed. This extends the largest selection of native Big Data source connectors in the industry including Hadoop, Cassandra, CouchDB and many others.
  • Robust Scheduling for Enterprise Requirements Jaspersoft 4.7 delivers sophisticated, enterprise-class report scheduling, providing assured report delivery and programmatic control of report schedules for tailored report management and execution. The new robust scheduling features help ensure data is accessible anywhere, anytime.

Virtualized environments

“The Jaspersoft reporting capabilities provided with the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization solution offer our customers an edge by revealing insight into the status and trends of their virtualized environment,” said Itamar Heim, Director of Software Engineering at Red Hat. “With Jaspersoft 4.7, we are able to provide a more integrated look and feel, allowing users to view reports and dashboards from a single user interface. An added benefit is improved performance and memory utilization with the support introduced for JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.”

Making interactive reporting affordable

“Up until now, reports with a wide-scale distribution such as transaction reports or client statements have been largely static. Jaspersoft 4.7 begins a revolution by making full-featured, interactive reporting affordable. Now even casual users can interact with the data in those reports using our simple, powerful, affordable report server,” said Brian Gentile, CEO at Jaspersoft. “Jaspersoft customers can now create competitive advantage by offering superior customer service through advanced reporting and analytics, whether they deliver via the web, mobile devices or embedded in their applications. Jaspersoft continues to make powerful Business Intelligence usable and affordable at web-scale, for anyone at anytime.”

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