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The Teradata Accelerate program

Information Builders, an independent leader in operational Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, today announced a new complete end-to-end data warehousing solution as part of the Teradata Accelerate program. The solution is built on a Teradata data warehouse appliance, and leverages Information Builders’ software to both load and query the data. The new solution is designed to speed up the time to value and return on investment for companies building a data warehouse.

Streamlining data warehouses

Today’s announcement follows the existing partnership between the two companies, which streamlines data warehousing for joint customers across Teradata’s Platform Family, specifically aimed at the company’s appliance offerings with Information Builders WebFOCUS Business Intelligence software.

Leverage the power of Teradata appliances

Using the Teradata Accelerate program, customers will be able to quickly and easily leverage the power of Teradata appliances and Information Builders’ business intelligence capabilities to improve decision-making across the enterprise. This offering comprises Information Builder’s WebFOCUS business intelligence software, enabling departmental users to easily build dashboards of reports and graphs. It also includes the company’s unique Active Technology for direct analysis of the data; a powerful report distribution module for casting information via e-mail, including to mobile devices; and DataMigrator for extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) of data into any Teradata platform (Data Mart Appliance, Extreme Data Appliance, Data Warehouse Appliance or Active Enterprise Data Warehouse). DataMigrator also includes access to Information Builders’ extensive library of database adapters that can read more than 80 data sources. The offering of both ETL software and Business Intelligence in one fully integrated package enables warehouse implementers and users to share the same metadata across warehouse building and usage phases, accelerating warehouse implementation and time to value.

Ace Hardware: first customer

Ace Hardware, a joint Information Builders and Teradata customer, is a large retailer-owned cooperative and leader in the hardware industry with 4,600 stores in all 50 states and more than 60 countries. Ace Hardware standardized on Information Builders’ WebFOCUS Business Intelligence platform for enterprise-wide reporting, analysis, and information delivery. Ace Hardware also works with Teradata for its data warehouse initiatives across the Ace Hardware enterprise. According to Tim Brynda, a software engineering analyst at Ace who is spearheading many of Ace’s current BI efforts: “WebFOCUS is used by over 10,000 Business Intelligence users in merchandising, marketing, finance, advertising, international, paint, rental, retail operations, and supply chain, accessing more than 300 WebFOCUS reports. By partnering with Teradata, companies like us will be able to quickly and easily leverage the power of the Teradata Integrated Data Warehouse and Information Builders’ business intelligence capabilities to improve decision-making across an enterprise.”

Teradata: a leader in data warehousing

“Teradata is a recognized leader in data warehousing, and we’re excited to build upon our partnership with them through the launch of this new joint package to speed implementation and time to value,” said Gerald Cohen, president and CEO of Information Builders. “This investment allows users to reap the benefits of Teradata’s data warehouse appliance combined with our comprehensive BI software. This fully integrated offering provides a powerful, complete, easy to use data warehousing solution with a robust level of capabilities that is hard to match.”

Data integration tools included

“Organizations building their first data warehouse, especially mid-market companies, will value the speed, simplicity, and affordability of this joint Teradata and Information Builders solution,” said Ed White, general manager Teradata Appliances. “Everything they need to get up and running is integrated, including data integration tools, hardware, Teradata Database, storage, and business intelligence, all from two of the industry’s pioneers.”

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