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Code-free analytics on MongoDB with Pentaho 5.1

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Storing high data volumes is easy and cost-effective with the latest big data technologies, but the end-game of analytics is often only an afterthought. Business analytics and data integration platform Pentaho has released version 5.1 that offers enhanced capabilities for scaling up big data operations.

Specialised IT skills are not required

Code-free analytics on MongoDB with Pentaho 5.1

Specialised IT skills to prepare data and perform analytics are not required as Pentaho 5.1 helps to the gap from data to analytics. It offers code-free analytics directly on MongoDB, which accelerates and simplifies the data preparation process and it offers full support for Hadoop project YARN.

More accurate results

Preparing data in a staging area and hand-coding are eliminated with this release, MongoDB data collections can be analyzed directly at the source. This speeds up the process, especially compared to complicated traditional RDBMS analytics. Pentaho states that beta-testers have seen more accurate results with 5.1.

It removes further barriers to large-scale analytics

The new Data Science Pack that Pentaho announced earlier removes further barriers to large-scale analytics. Users can build a ‘360 degree customer view’ quickly, which blends different data sources such as social and MongoDB and allows advanced analytics like customer sentiment and churn prediction. The time required for data preparation has been reduced significantly.

Elastic usage of Hadoop resources

Hadoop YARN integration allows developers to exploit its computational power without having to write complex MapReduce code. The integration also allows for elastic usage of Hadoop resources as it expands and contracts as data volumes of processing requirements change.

In order for organizations to use analytics on MongoDB, Pentaho offers the required MongoDB versions 2.4 and 2.6 available for download.

Pentaho BI in our Business Intelligence Tools Survey

Additional and more up-to-date information on the offering of Pentaho BI is available in our 100% vendor neutral Business Intelligence Tools Survey 2019.

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