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What is Jaspersoft?

Jaspersoft is a Java-based open source BI platform developed by TIBCO. The product has been around for several years and excels in the fields of embedded BI, visualization, and data exploration. The Jaspersoft product consists of five different modules: Report Server, Studio, OLAP, Dashboard Designer and Analysis.

Jaspersoft is used in more than 130,000 apps, according to the developer. At this time, release 7 is the most current release.

Who is the supplier of Jaspersoft?

TIBCO was founded in the late 1970s and is best known for pioneering the enterprise service bus solution connecting various systems together and providing guaranteed message exchange. Later, new products were developed around the service bus, such as event managers with business rules and (predictive) analysis-based BI solutions.

TIBCO acquired

TIBCO was recently acquired by an investment company. Customer research shows that the sales and customer service of TIBCO are still below par, which may inhibit growth. Newer players on the BI market develop faster than TIBCO, leaving them behind in terms of functionality and sales. Think of players like Microsoft Power BI and Tableau.

Jaspersoft software

Jaspersoft has, within the open source community, carved out a niche for itself when it comes to BI solutions. It is, together with Pentaho, the most well-known BI-solution in the market. The open source package of Jaspersoft has an interactive dashboard and is known for its appealing visualizations for end users. It has long been the example for many suppliers in the areas of end user visualization and self-service BI.

TIBCO gets overtaken

Newer parties like Qlik and Power BI have been catching up with Jaspersoft when it comes to visualization. The major drawback of Jaspersoft is that manufacturing these visualizations is a complex process for the end user. The other suppliers make these kinds of visualizations much easier to make.

TIBCO has to take steps to regain market share

Because of these developments, the grip that Jaspersoft had on the market is in decline. One problem is that the service and support to end users by means of videos, forums, and a help desk are much less developed. Satisfying customers with the right functionality as well as a simple delivery are the most important factors for the future growth of Jaspersoft.

What are the weak points of the Jaspersoft suite?

Even with an open source solution, there are always areas for improvement. The most important points for the Jaspersoft TIBCO suite are:

  • In terms of functionality and infrastructure, Jaspersoft lags behind the rest of the market.
  • Other BI solutions have better support for the users (videos, forums and an active community).
  • TIBCO is facing a tough challenge in keeping its revenue stable.
  • The product is difficult to use and has a high learning curve, which makes rapid acceptance of the product more difficult.

The benefits of the Jaspersoft TIBCO suite

An open source solution has a number of advantages. This also applies to the Jaspersoft TIBCO suite.

  • It is one of the best BI solutions now available on the market and the source code is freely available. It can be used well enough if you already have other solutions from TIBCO.
  • One strong point of Jaspersoft is the (interactive) visualization of data to end users.
  • TIBCO, the organization behind Jaspersoft, has been developing various software products since the 70s.
  • Jaspersoft is an open source solution, so there’s always a community available to support the product.

Jaspersoft compared to other BI tools

Jaspersoft is the open source tool when it comes to visualization and data processing. For some organizations, an open source approach is important, but there are other commercial products available that are similar or even better. Which product best suits you always depends on your own requirements.

Passionned Group’s Intelligent Insights app compares the different solutions on more than 1,000 aspects. Clear tables and graphs compare the various products to one another. You can download this app directly through our website.

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What is Jaspersoft’s strategic position?

With Jaspersoft, TIBCO chose an open source approach, and the product is (or was) a pioneer in a number of areas. Jaspersoft can’t compete with the available Enterprise BI tools in terms of overall functionality. Developments in the BI market move fast and it’s difficult to keep up with all of them. To that end, Passionned Group developed the Intelligent Insights app, which shows you at a glance where Jaspersoft finds itself, as well as showing you other BI players you may want to consider.

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Other BI tools

Which open source platform you choose is entirely up to you, but it’s good to perhaps take a look at other (non open source or open source) suppliers. Sometimes you will be amazed at how traditional suppliers embrace the open source environment.

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Using Jaspersoft

Using JaspersoftJaspersoft is known for its appealing data visualizations, but these are relatively difficult to create. What data is present, how can you access it, and how does Jaspersoft fit within the entire range of (open source) solutions that are available on the market?

The experts at Passionned Group have experience in this area and help you to quickly visualize the data properly using Jaspersoft.

But visualizing the data isn’t the last step. Your organization needs to use this visualization. Passionned Group’s advisors know how you can achieve the best results and can help you avoid pitfalls. Contact us to learn how.

Learn more about Jaspersoft or Business Analytics in general

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