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ActuateActuate BIRT is a commercial offering based on open source BIRT and benefits from the rich capabilities of the Eclipse platform and a very active community of users.

Actuate BIRT provides the convenience of a one-button install, and support for production deployments via the purchase of Actuate-backed indemnification, maintenance, professional services, and support. BIRT has two main components: a report designer based on Eclipse, and a runtime component that you can use to integrate BIRT reports into your application. BIRT also has a charting engine that lets you include charts in your BIRT reports or add standalone charting capabilities to Java applications. Source:

Know all features of Actuate BIRT

If you want to know how Actuate BIRT scores on different selection criteria and exactly which functionality it provides, we did all the work for you. Vendors will often tell you only the strengths of their product(s). In our survey, all the features are revealed, including the weak points. Why buy?

100% vendor independent study

In the Business Intelligence Tools Survey 2019 you’ll find a thorough, 100% vendor-independent evaluation for all the major BI tools (list) in the market, including Actuate BIRT. See the picture on the right for an example of what you can expect to find in the survey report (79 pages). Table of contents.

Actuate removed from our BI Tools Survey

On the website of Actuate we found a press release that stated that “Actuate is delivering more insights to more people than all Business Intelligence companies combined”. The company was removed from our 100% vendor independent Business Intelligence Tools survey in December 2011 because no single Actuate official responded to our requests any more.

They say they beat all major vendors

In a recent survey from one of the Analyst companies the Actuate platform was awarded a high final score. The press release said: “Actuate outranked most major Business Intelligence vendors in final score, exceeding peer and overall scores for most measures”. And they received recognition for the fact that they beat all other major vendors on Big Data Analytics.

They received a bad to average score

Actuate was included for the last time in December 2011 in our survey. Based on thorough analysis they received then a bad to average overall score. Our report stated: “They are promoting the use of Business Intelligence quite successfully with their Open source initiative but score badly in almost everything that we have measured.”

Our experience is completely the opposite

The company said also in the press release that in the Support category, Actuate’s scores were higher than the aggregate total of all competitors in Responsiveness. Our experience is different. At that time in December our report stated: “Given their lack of response we are considering removing Actuate from the next version of the report.” And from that time we haven’t included Actuate in our survey anymore.

This is more in line with our findings

This huge difference in perception is quite strange. How is it possible that Actuate in a year and a half have become ‘a leader’ in Business Intelligence and Analytics. Do our researchers have missed something important here? Or do the different surveys of Analysts companies measure completely different things? In the latest Magic Quadrant of Gartner we see Actuate plotted in the niche player quadrant. And not in the leaders quadrant. This is more in line with our findings than the findings that were presented in the latest press release of Actuate.

They are promoting the use of BI quite successfully

Norman Manley, industry analyst and co-author of the BI Tool Survey, said about Actuate BIRT: “They are promoting the use of BI quite successfully with their Open source initiative but score badly in almost everything that we have measured. Given their lack of response we are considering removing Actuate from the next version of the report.” Find out more and order now the Business Intelligence Tools Survey 2019.

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