Independent advice to help you make the right choice

As a manager or director, you may be facing important (strategic) choices or changes in your industry. You need 100% independent and objective (organizational) advice. And of course, you want to be advised by experienced specialists.

Stay on top of changes

The world around us is changing faster than ever, and companies have to be able to stay on top of these changes. The choices they make have a huge impact on the future, and for example composition and budget of teams and departments, or even the entire organization. And these choices come with greater and greater risks.

The best choice in organizational advice

You want to be sure that you’re making the correct (and best) choice, and get matching advice. The consultants and advisors of Passionned Group are eager to help you.

Our areas of expertise

The advisors and specialists of Passionned Group would love to advise you in the following areas:

Agile working

Continuous improvement

We practically only work with senior consultants who have earned their stripes in countless projects across various industries. Every year, we invest a lot of time and money doing research and teaching training courses to make sure that our advice remains of the highest possible quality.

Organization advice: make your company work smarter

Our advisors are specialized in organizational advice with a focus on creating an intelligent organization. We can also be counted on for advice on specific parts of the process or specialized subjects. The benefit for you is that we always take the extra steps, and our comprehensive, holistic approach maximizes the chances of a successful implementation.

Client testimonials

“Passionned Group challenges the organization and isn’t easily satisfied. They make sure to get results.”

Fons Catau
General Director
De Woonplaats

I think Passionned Group is particularly strong on three points:

  1. demonstrated expertise through publications
  2. thought leadership
  3. a clear focus on expertise

Roeland de Graaff
Manager Vestia

The advisory process in 4 steps

Our advisory track follows several concrete steps that will lead to the desired clarity. Based on your situation, your desired advisory role, and the kind of advice you want (organizational, strategic, software, etc.) we can expand or shorten each specific step, based on your needs. Tailored specifically for your company. Step by step, we’ll arrive at comprehensive, well thought-out advice.

  1. Clarifying the issue: Based on interviews, workshops, and documentation, we’ll learn more about the specific issue. We’ll also explore the underlying problems, the desired future situation, and the why of it all (the necessity).
  2. Contextual analysis: Where applicable, developments in technology, the industry, and the market will be considered. The world around us is changing at an ever-increasing rate, and not taking that into consideration can be catastrophic.
  3. Analysis of the situation: Based on the results from steps 1 and 2, we’ll draft a preliminary analysis,discuss it, and have it tested by various stakeholders and experts. Next, we’ll describe our findings, conclusions, and recommendations. Where necessary, several different types of solutions and scenarios are considered. These, too, will be tested with involved stakeholders first.
  4. Presentation of the advice: Our final verdict is reached, including a summary of the steps taken to get there. We’ll present the advice in the form of a mini conference to the client, stakeholders, and decision-makers.

Finally, there’s an evaluation and we determine follow-up steps, for example starting the implementation of the advice.

The results: advice with a silver lining

“My philosophy is that we can only reach the clarity we’re looking for together. Where the situation was at first diffuse and the various options were unclear, we now have a clear image of the situation and which choices we should make, and more importantly, why. And that will become clear to everyone involved, so there is no static in the implementation process. In short: advice with a silver lining.

Daan van  Beek
Passionned Group CEO

Various advisory roles

Depending on your situation and the scope and impact of the choices that have to be made, you can choose from various advisory roles:

various advisory roles

Each role toward the right side is more comprehensive, and involves closer cooperation with your organization and employees. For large-scale projects, interim management is often desired.

The advantages of Passionned Group

✓ 100% independent from vendors or third parties, so there can be no doubt about whose interests we serve.
✓ Comprehensive approach, so you can be sure that our advice is implementable.
✓ Our advisors are also implementers; they know potential problems that may arise.
✓ You can also reach us for a second opinion or implementation of the advice.

Client testimonial

“The assignment was executed very well, with keen advice and great cooperation.”

Eric Ossel
Director of Resources
Delft Municipality

Do you want advice with a silver lining?

Our advice makes a genuine difference. Thanks to our comprehensive approach, recommendations to your organization are supported company-wide and implementable. Feel free to contact us for more information or make an appointment for an introduction.

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