Work smarter using a sales strategy

As a manager, consultant, or director, you’re obviously aware of the importance of a good sales strategy. The question is, are you using the right strategy that fits your company and takes into account developments in the marketplace? Only then can it be successful and be supported company-wide. In practice, this often proves not to be the case, which negatively affects the results and revenue of many companies. And that’s a waste. With a fitting sales strategy from Passionned Group, you can improve your performances and results.

What is a good sales strategy?

A good strategy differs (greatly) per organization. One might depend on excellent marketing, the other on personal contact, and a third on an innovative product portfolio. A good sales strategy has to be tailored specifically to your organization. In multiple sessions with management and other stakeholders, we’ll make you a custom strategy map.

Why is smart strategy so important?

A clearly defined sales strategy is essential, especially these days. You want to keep growing, even when the tide is turning against you, and have a smart way to do business in a unique way. So that the competition can’t copy your sales strategy and is left in the dust.

What does this custom-made sales strategy get you?

✓ A clear vision, mission, and crystal-clear insight into your goals and motivations.
✓ A solid foundation for managing with the help of CRM.
✓ A sales strategy that’s carried across your organization.
✓ More satisfied customers.
✓ More revenue, better margins thanks to continuously higher acquisition and retention scores.

Case study: Volvo Finans

The final goal of Volvo Finans is offering active, profitable sales support to its dealers. They want to achieve this by growing revenue and sales on one hand, and working more efficiently on the other hand. Their approach to increasing sales is positioning themselves as the dealers’ natural partner and offering attractive complete solutions and professional service. In order to offer this, Volvo Finans has to adequately design some key internal processes.

Formulate your sales strategy

Use the following questions to quickly arrive at the strategic core of your company:

  • What does the market want?
  • What drives your economic engine?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What can you excel at?

Client testimonial

“By combining management information smartly, we can increase sales and staffing, reduce turnover, and keep margins up. Thanks to Passionned Group, it went quickly and smoothly.”

Jan Maarten van der Meulen

The jumping-off point for sales strategy

Answering the questions above will lead you to the jumping-off point for your sales strategy. It gives you crystal-clear insight into goals and motivations. Having clarified the strategy, you can start steering using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and customer-focused business.

Passionned Group’s vision on formulating a strategy

For Passionned Group, a strategy isn’t a fact set in stone, but a journey of discovery.  Together with our customers, we’ve been successfully defining starting points for many years. We define the critical success factors to successfully execute sales strategies.

Interested in a better sales strategy?

Feel free to contact us. We’d love to help you come to a better strategy.

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