How do you improve your company using a strategy map?

Every manager, director, or consultant knows the importance of a well thought-out and thoroughly implemented strategy. Of course, you’re no different. But in practice, it turns out that the desired results and margins don’t follow suit.

How can you do better?

Start by visualizing your strategy using a strategy map.

What is a strategy map?

A strategy map breaks down your company’s strategy into building blocks. It’s an important tool that helps translate the strategy into action. It’s also a useful tool for analyzing important information.

The components of a strategy map: an example

  1. The mission: What does your company want to be, and for whom?
  2. The building blocks: displays the most important processes in your company.
  3. The arrows: display the dependencies between the various building blocks.
Strategy map airline

This airline developed a strategy map which communicates their mission “as much flying for as many people as possible” clearly and powerfully.

The power of a strategy map

The strategy map as a whole displays the company strategy. By visually balancing the various elements of the strategy, you can quickly see the most critical processes and their underlying relationships. This gives you insight into their influence on the company’s goals and objectives, and a deeper understanding of the business model.

How can a strategy map help?

The map is very well-suited to changing the strategy in times of necessity. With scenario planning, you assume alternative strategies in the strategy map. Carefully examining the critical processes in the map’s building blocks gives a clear view of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

What else can a strategy map be used for?

The strategy map can also be used effectively as an aid in the information analysis for the development of a performance management system or the implementation of a Business Intelligence solution.

What can a strategy map do for you?

  • Powerful visualization of your company strategy.
  • Insight into your company, its processes, and the KPIs.
  • A tool for scenario planning and investment decisions.
  • A helpful aid in developing the company and its employees.
  • Clear communication.
  • Better performance, so more satisfied customers.
  • Better margins and more revenue.

Client Testimonial

“Passionned Group challenges the organization and isn’t easily satisfied. They make sure to get results.”

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What will a strategy map mean for employees?

When the various segments of the strategy map are recognizable and appealing to employees, they can better understand how they contribute to the strategy. By designing a PDCA cycle for every element of the strategy map and securing this in the regular management process, a powerful impulse for higher performance is created.

Do you want to get started using a strategy map?

The specialists of Passionned Group have over 15 years of experience in making organizations more intelligent. An important part of this process is visualizing the strategy in a clear strategy map. Feel free to contact us for advice or more information.

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