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Close the gap between planning and implementation

strategic adviceOftentimes there’s a gap between goals set beforehand and goals realized. It’s possible that the goals were too optimistic. But it frequently turns out that the road to the goal (the strategy) hasn’t delivered the desired results. How do you close that gap? The strategy specialists of Passionned Group are eager to help you with strategic advice.

Reasons a strategy fails: examples

  • The organization works too top-down.
  • Too much focus on operational matters.
  • Strategy is worked on once, then focus wanes.
  • Strategy isn’t properly embedded in the organization.

How do you define a successful strategy? And how do you make sure that it’s fully integrated within your company?

A successful strategy

A smart and powerful strategy provides a clear framework for making decisions on every level. That ensures that employees understand how they contribute to the strategy. They can make actions and decisions in line with the strategy on a daily basis. With this framework a strategy is not only a definition, but a concrete organizational model.


“Thanks to the strategic advice from Passionned Group we not only have a very successful strategy, but it was also completely implemented and integrated across the entire organization.”

Strategic advice by Passionned Group

Our strategic advice focuses on two crucial aspects:

1. Crystal-clear formulation that’s understandable to everyone (see also: Strategy map).
2. Implementation down to the roots of the company.

1. Crystal-clear formulation

During the first phase of strategic advice we look at the potential competitive edge you can achieve. We’ll also examine technological trends, your current strategic positioning, the most important developments in your industry, and your company’s change potential. Of course, our strategic advice is designed to be implementable.

2. Thorough implementation

In our second phase of advice, we’ll look at how your managers and employees can contribute to the execution of your strategy. In short: which actions help you realize your goals more quickly, and which ones don’t? What has to change? Our philosophy is that the talent in your organization should play an important part in this process.

Advantages of Passionned Group

✓ Comprehensive approach
✓ Service from A to Z
✓ Focus on the intelligent organization
✓ Work from strategic goals
✓ Knowledge of your industry

Specialist in strategic advice

Giving strategic advice is one of Passionned Group’s specialties. Our consultants are battle-scarred strategists with a broad range of experience and expertise in strategic areas. As organizers of the prestigious Smartest Organization of the Netherlands and author of The Intelligent Organization, Passionned Group belongs t0 the top of organizational advice and implementation agencies in the Benelux.

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