Data warehouse, architecture, and organization at Gemiva-SVG Group

Logo Gemiva-SVG Group The Gemiva-SVG Group aids people with a mental, physical, or multiple disability, and people with non-inborn brain damage. Gemiva asked Passionned Group for advice on the architecture and organization of its data warehouse, plus advice on which ETL tool to use. The advice project was completed to great satisfaction, and was rated a 9 out of 10 by Gemiva.

Questions posed by Gemiva

There were four main questions plaguing Gemiva that they wanted Passionned Group to answer.

Data warehouse architecture

The first two questions were focused on Gemiva’s current data warehouse. Firstly, what is the quality of the current data warehouse, and is the data warehouse architecture tuned to the needs of a customer and process-oriented care institution? The second question concerns the maintenance of the data warehouse: would it be better to handle this in-house, or to outsource it?

The right ETL Tool

Thirdly, Gemiva uses two different ETL Tools. Passionned Group researched which tool is the best fit for the organization and its IT policy while offering the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


Finally, Gemiva didn’t know quite what to do with the advice given by a supplier concerning personnel information reports, especially because the entire system was going to be replaced in the short term.

The approach

Passionned Group spoke to everyone involved, both internally (employees) and externally (the data warehouse supplier). A thorough analysis followed, where the results were carefully mapped out in terms of staffing, knowledge, organizational structure, tasks and responsibilities, risks, costs, etc. Using the ETL Tools Guide 2022, Passionned Group co-operated with Gemiva to decide on a new ETL Tool. The findings and results were presented in a business intelligence advice report and a mini conference.

The results

The follow-through steps for the coming years were made clear to stakeholders. The general contours for a good data warehouse architecture were made clear. Before putting this into place, Passionned Group advised Gemiva to first perform a comprehensive information analysis. Gemiva can make a well-considered choice of ETL Tools, and finally, they decided to apply more direction and steering based on management information.


“The assignment was performed professionally, and Passionned Group gave us clear insight into the problems and possible solutions,” according to Gemiva’s Manager of Finances and IT. He gave Passionned Group a 9 out of 10.

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