Succeeding in change management

Good change management is essential to making successful changes in any company’s business, but in practice it proves to be a significant challenge. Not everyone has the will to change or sees the necessity to do so, which can cause a lot of resistance. Or you might be driving the wrong metrics, which makes the change is unsuccessful.

Change management from the right angle

Choosing the right angle of approach for change management is crucial. If the change manager doesn’t understand exactly what’s at stake, the change plan is doomed to fail from the start. That’s why it’s important to determine some things beforehand.

  • Which factors are critical to smart change in your situation? For example, consider the importance of feedback in your organization.
  • How do you create effective direction and support for employees that lead to successful change management and implementations?

Finding and using the right factors for successful change management is the key. But how do you find these key factors? Our expert change managers can help you achieve success.

All at once

“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.”

Albert Einstein

Successful change management: standing still and accelerating

Standing still is an activity that should be considered a part of change management, so that you can accelerate afterwards to reach the desired change. People tend to want to speed up and achieve quick results. But in order to achieve those results, first you have to stand still and consider where you are now and what you can do. And more importantly: is our course still correct? From that vantage point you can research what the change actually should be. During the change it’s still important to consider your activities. Successful change management in a nutshell is standing still and accelerating at a pace that fits your situation.

Change management: resistance in practice

The success factors for change management are often difficult define, even for very experienced managers. Our holistic, practical approach quickly drills down to the core of change management to make the desired change really work for you. More than 70% of change projects fail and don’t achieve their goals. Sometimes managers ignore valuable data that should shape the change. Or they don’t consider external situations. Do the stakeholders want the same thing as you do? Differences in interpretation or a lack of ownership and a base of support often cause the the change to fail. In our philosophy, stakeholders inside and outside of the company should support the desired change. That includes customers. And valuable data should be used deliberately as often as possible.

6 tips for successful change management

Below you can find the first 6 tips to successfully implementing change management in your own organization:

  1. The degree of urgency: can you determine what the most urgent change in your company should be? Ask yourself what the biggest disaster to your company or department would be. What keeps you up at night? What could topple the company or department overnight? That’s the most urgent aspect. Then ask yourself what the next biggest disaster would be, and so on.
  2. Creating a story for a base of support: create a narrative with the stakeholders around you: what’s the difference between the current and desired situation? What goals do you want to achieve and what is the concrete result in your hands? And so on. In change management, it’s important to put the puzzle pieces together and create a story for change as a group. Without a communal story (base of support), the change is doomed to fail.
  3. Demarcating the change: when demarcating the change, determine what you explicitly don’t want to change. In practice, it isn’t always easy to define what you do want to change. The most important element that comes up: where does the desired change stop? Define these factors so you can change with a clear focus in the short and medium term.
  4. Determine the change strategy: how does the change strategy align with the desired situation? How do you want to change to reach the desired situation? Change management requires you to be critical based on all the perspectives you’ve examined. Then, decide your approach.
  5. Perfection is a utopia: it’s important to learn to deal with imperfections that will always be present, including with change. Stay curious, passionate, involved, and patient.
  6. Focus on shared and genuine ownership: discuss the roles everyone should play in the desired change. Clarify who is responsible for what. Ask for commitment from your colleagues who are going to realize the desired change with you and maintain healthy communication. Shared and genuine ownership is an important aspect of implementing a successful change.

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What our approach helps you achieve

✓ Improve the shared change story with stakeholders in a short amount of time.
✓ Increase the success change of change management by 200%.
✓ Lay the foundation for continuous improvement and smarter cooperation between departments.
✓ Satisfied customers and employees help you realize your strategy.
✓ Simpler steering with a practical approach to change.

What sets our change approach apart?

Unlike some other consultancy companies, we don’t focus solely on change management. Our approach is based on making your employees experience what change management really is in practice. And especially how they can effectively co-direct and cooperate with the desired change, in line with your mission and (process) goals.

Our comprehensive, holistic approach to change management shows what desired behavior is required to successfully implement the change. All this is put in service of making your organization more agile and intelligent. See also our management book Data Science for Decision-Makers & Data Professionals.

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