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Are you looking for ways to make your entire organization work smarter (not harder)? In many companies, large and small, goals, systems, processes, and data aren’t properly aligned. This gets in the way of working efficiently and employees’ enjoyment of their work. Companies also frequently lack decisiveness.

These same problems crop up time and again and often go hand in hand. As a result, financial results and customer and employee satisfaction will fall below expectations.

There has to be a better way

Organizations can work much smarter, and be more efficient and decisive. On this page we’ll tell you how. The consultants and veteran teachers of Passionned Group are eager to help you by providing objective organizational advice, smart management, training courses, and proven solutions to successfully implement smarter working.

Why many companies fail to work smarter

  • Decision-making is slow or not objective enough: not agile.
  • Employees’ behavior is at odds with the strategy: no alignment.
  • Processes take too long or result in too many mistakes: no continuous improvement process.
  • The right management information isn’t always available: no analytics.
  • There’s a gap between IT and other departments: lack of agility and alignment.

As a consequence, the results end up disappointing. You can stop this negative spiral now by contacting one of our experienced consultants. Also take a look at our interim services.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy on smarter working is described in the Business Intelligence book “The Intelligent Organization”. Our concept has been proven to be successful. An intelligent organization that works smart and is smartly designed can achieve better results at all times. It’s sensitive, smart, fast, innovative, and agile.

What is an intelligent organization?

Organizations that work smarter are intelligent in every way. They can translate their strategy and vision into everyday practice. Their management and teams use dynamic dashboards and smart tools to continuously improve and innovate. Finally, their processes run smoothly and they’re agile. These are the main ways in which your organization can work smarter.

By working smarter you can achieve your desired results more easily. But you have to successfully implement the 4 most important principles of a smarter organization.

The four most important principles of smarter working

An organization that works smarter is infused with several crucial principles. These are four principles that an organization should always adhere to. When you put effort into implementing these four principles, the organization will immediately become more intelligent.

  1. Make your company sensitive & strategic with all-round vision.
  2. Make your organization smart with advanced analytics & BI.
  3. Implement agile working in your teams.
  4. Start continuously improving and innovating.

Inspired by intelligent organizations

Research shows that at most 20% of companies is truly intelligent. The following intelligent organizations work smarter on a strategic, tactical, and operational level on a daily basis:

  • Safety Region North-Holland: Read more about how data can save lives and how this project changed the face of emergency response. Read more…
  • Fire department Amsterdam: It’s almost science-fiction, what they’ve done using Business Intelligence & Analytics. They can predict fires before they happen and changed their business model. Read more…
  • Coolblue: This strongly-growing online retailer prioritizes customer satisfaction and a great customer experience, for everyone in the company.
  • Municipality Rotterdam & NPRZ: From a lot of flat data to insight and work. Marco Pastors (Director NPRZ) and his team helped problem youths in Rotterdam-South using data and taking smart action.
  • Albert Heijn: This organization has smarter working encoded in its genes. They’re cost-conscious but think big when it comes to information-driven working and advanced analytics. They’re rather mum about what this has done for them, but the results have been far-reaching.

The Intelligent Organization

Do you want to know how your company can increase its competitive edge and become more efficient, smarter, agile, and profitable? Read all about it in out Business Intelligence book “The Intelligent Organization” and reach new heights of success.

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The hidden cost of not working smart

Organizations that don’t work smart face a lot of hidden costs. Some examples:

  • A lot of people in the organization are wasting time making reports, statistics, and summaries. This fragmentation is not only inefficient, but also causes confusion (no singular definitions) and a lack of effectiveness.
  • “Dumb” organizations spend a lot of time in meetings. Why? Among other reasons, because they’re incapable of making employees understand their strategic goals.
  • Things escalate too often because power and influence rule the day, not the customer’s needs.
  • Employees cover for each other in incomplete processes, when agreements, principles, cultural values, and smart (coupled) systems should make this totally unnecessary.

All these problems are solvable. But management will have to pivot towards leadership and a culture of community, data-driven working, and transparency.

Want to work smarter in your company?

We’ve been making organizations more intelligent in different industries for over 15 years. We make your organization smarter using quick and practical solutions. The result is better returns from your employees, resources, customers, and data. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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