Who will get the title: ”Smartest Organization of 2015”?

Who deserves the title: ”Smartest Organization of 2015”?

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Passionned Group is a leading analyst and consultancy firm specialized in Business Analytics and Business Intelligence. Our passionate advisors assist many organizations in selecting the best Business Analytics Software and applications. Every two years we organize the election of the smartest company.

Voting for the Smartest Organization

Over recent years, the professional jury of the “Smartest Organization” election (Dutch BI Award) has seen a large number of very smart organizations pass their review. The jury and audience have both been amazed by the ingenuity that organizations have used to break through the traditional Business Intelligence boundaries.

Developments are taking place at a furious pace

Bit by bit, innovations in information provision are having a very positive impact on business goals. And in this digital age, developments in the BI area are taking place at a breakneck speed. We hear and read about new solutions that stimulate the imagination on an almost daily basis.


The Dutch BI Award is an acknowledgement that a business has shown the most innovative, smart and eye-catching way to design its information management systems. Which smart business will receive the 2015 Dutch BI Award?

Amsterdam/Amstelland Fire Brigade, 2013 winner

In 2013, the independent and expert jury of the 2013 Dutch BI Award chose six prominent candidates from 40 applicants. It took the jury a huge amount of work to finally nominate three of the virtually equivalent candidates for the 2013 Dutch BI Award. Those selected were:

  • Seacon Logistics, which brought transparency to the logistics chain through intelligent systems,
  • GBRD Parkstad Limburg, who organized Business Intelligence as a competency, and
  • Amsterdam/Amstelland Fire Brigade, where a way to prevent fires using data was devised in the workplace.

‘League of Intelligent Organizations’

The fire fighters of Amsterdam were the undisputed winners of the 2013 Dutch BI Award, and walked off with both the professional jury prize and the public prize as well. They are now part of the ‘League of Intelligent Organizations,’ to which Coolblue, Albert Heijn, Walraven, the Diakonessenhuis Utrecht, DSM, MCB, Ricoh and the Centraal Boekhuis also belong.

Applications for the 2015 Dutch BI Award

When and how prospective candidates can apply will be announced early in 2015. Follow our newsletters, or register your organization shortly after New Year!

What is ‘smart’?

“There is a strong correlation between improved performance, the successful application of Business Intelligence and the level of ambition within an organization,” said Daan van Beek, Managing Director of Passionned Group, and author, amongst others, of the successful book: ‘The Intelligent Organization’. “A higher level of ambition requires a more thoughtful and integral method of Business Intelligence. The higher the level of ambition, the better and more intense the cooperation between the disciplines of Business Intelligence, innovation, data management, change management and strategic management will be, until finally, they almost completely coincide at the highest level of ambition. Only then can an organization call itself truly ‘smart’.”

Read more in the article: High correlation between Company Performance, Business Intelligence success and level of ambition.

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