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Storytelling with data in Tableau 8.2

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Databases, spreadsheets, the internet, there is an overwhelming amount of data available. A new way of harnessing this data and unearthing the insights that inform decisions, has arrived with the release of analytics-application Tableau 8.2. It introduces a feature called Story Points which enables ‘data storytelling’.

Story points to create interactive, data-driven stories

Storytelling with data in Tableau 8.2Tableau was already meant for quick analysis, visualisations of data and sharing information, but these Story Points allow users to create interactive, data-driven stories that they can share with the world if so desired. The Story Points help to add more context, flow and guidance so organizations can tell a better structured story with their data.

A better connection with customers

Analysis of data is one thing, the real value lies in the interpretation of what it means and how to use it for a better connection with customers. The story points allow users to combine worksheets and dashboards into stories. All the while the underlying data is connected to the output, which means that as the view of the dashboard changes or the data itself has been modified, the output changes accordingly.

Other improvements in 8.2

Another large improvement in Tableau 8.2 is that it was specifically designed to accommodate the user interface and high resolution retina displays of the MacIntosh operating system on desktop as well as mobile devices. It has both live and in-memory connectivity to data-sources. Other updates in the software include a visual data window, updated maps and Tableau server improvements.

Tableau 8.2 in our Business Intelligence Tools Survey

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