Informatica MDM 9.6 | A major milestone on their roadmap

Major milestone in Informatica’s roadmap

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Informatica Corporation, the world’s number one independent provider of data integration software, today announced Informatica MDM 9.6, a major milestone in Informatica’s roadmap for powering universal master data management (MDM). The announcement came at Informatica’s annual user conference – Informatica World 2013.

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4 times universal

Universal MDM depends on four essential capabilities: universal services, universal domains, universal governance, and universal solutions. Informatica delivers on all four capabilities with a truly flexible master data management technology that enables companies to start small by solving their most immediate business problem and scaling to others across the enterprise. Informatica MDM 9.6 advances this universal MDM strategy, delivering such key benefits as:

  • Improved security and compliance through dynamic data masking.
  • Simplified administration and rapid MDM deployment through single-stage data onboarding.
  • Increased end user productivity through database independence and operational scalability.
  • Empowered business users through new Informatica MDM data governance user interface.
  • Accelerated time-to-value through new MDM solutions.

1. Universal Services

Universal Services are common platform services such as data integration, data quality, metadata, and MDM services such as matching, survivorship, and security that form the foundation of MDM architecture. Informatica MDM 9.6 furthers the Universal Services capability with:

  • Dynamic Data Masking: Real-time Protection Against Unauthorized Users: with Informatica 9.6, Informatica MDM now supports Dynamic Data Masking capability. Dynamic data masking uses real-time data protection rules to prevent unauthorized users from accessing sensitive management information that is not required for them to perform their jobs. Informatica MDM customers can easily now take advantage of most powerful and flexible protection available while still supporting off-shoring, outsourcing, and cloud-based initiatives.
  • Single Stage Data Onboarding: Easier Administration, Faster Deployment: Informatica MDM customers can rapidly onboard master data from source systems directly into the target data model using Informatica Data Integration Hub services. While preserving the data validation checks and data quality tasks, this process simplifies the administration using familiar Informatica Data Integration tools and reduces the number of onboarding steps by half. This new single stage onboarding capability is delivered through Informatica MDM’s integration with Informatica Vibe, the world’s first and only embeddable virtual data machine.

2. Universal Domains

Universal Domains are multiple data domains such as customer, product, location, employee, and beyond, as well as the relationships across the domains. Informatica MDM 9.6 expands the Universal Domains capability with:

  • Database Independence: Taking The Lid Off Scalability and Big Data Processing: Informatica MDM 9.6 frees MDM from the restraints of traditional database processing by abstracting the data access layer for data matching, consolidation, and outbound integration. Thus freed, MDM processes and deployments scale more efficiently and without limitation to handle increased data volumes, tasks and users.

3. Universal Governance

Universal Governance empowers business users to perform data governance and stewardship activities through a common user interface accessible via Informatica MDM Data Director, business applications, or MDM iOS app. Informatica MDM 9.6 powers Universal Governance capability with:

  • Enhanced Data Governance User Interface: Empowers business users: Informatica MDM 9.6 enhances data steward productivity and experience with improved reporting in the Informatica MDM Data Director dashboard, revised Data View with logical grouping and displaying match-based relationship disposition and embedded match scores.

4. Universal Solutions

Universal Solutions accelerate Time-to-Value with predefined data models, prewired business rules and logic, and pre-configured user interface. Informatica MDM 9.6 expands its portfolio of industry solutions, already available for banking and pharmaceuticals, with:

  • New MDM Solutions: Acceleration of time-to-value: continuing the innovation in MDM industry solutions, Informatica MDM 9.6 now includes solutions for the healthcare and insurance industries. These solutions improve business user productivity in common business processes in these industries.


Informatica MDM 9.6 will be available in summer 2013.

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