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Local government can save millions using ready-made frameworks

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A ready-made framework for municipalities

Municipal frameworkPassionned Group’s brand-new report “Data as the key to excellent government performance” (Dutch) is all about how local government can benefit from using the ready-made Information and Performance Management Framework for Municipalities. It answers some important questions, framed by Professor Maes’ model of information management processes.

The questions

  • Performance management and policy maps: how do we organize performance management within the municipality from top to bottom?
  • Information management and architecture: how do we build bridges between various municipal services and ICT?
  • Change routes and management: how do we turn information and performance management into a great success?
  • Technology and supplier management: which technologies are available to achieve it, and how do we choose between them?

Don’t reinvent the wheel

The new framework offers significant advantages: firstly, we’re not going to reinvent the wheel. At least 80% is reusable. The framework contains ready-made policy maps with critical success factors and key performance indicators, which can easily be adjusted.

Alignment between business and ICT

The framework also contains a very clear information architecture with a legend for reference. It serves as a means of communication to achieve the alignment between business and ICT. “Correct application of this framework makes it possible for municipalities to save millions of euros over several years,” said Daan van Beek, managing director of Passionned group and author of The Intelligent Organization.

Dealing with NORA

The framework provides perspective on the Dutch Government Reference Architecture (NORA) – and its derivative, Municipal Model Architecture (GEMMA) – and how to deal with it. A common complaint is that NORA and GEMMA are hard to apply because of high levels of abstraction. “Many managers and directors don’t understand the gist,” as Rolf wrote on

Direct and excel

Finally: the framework is integral, so it enables high cohesion between information management, performance management, change management, and technology. This is ideal for municipal directors and managers who want to direct and excel.

The report “Data as the key to excellent government performance” consists of fifteen policy maps with almost 200 critical success factors and KPIs, over thirty images, and is 90 pages long. The report will save you a lot of research, and allow you to quickly start information and performance management. Download the report (Dutch).

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