Passionned Parabola™ for BI & Analytics 2019

Keeping a close eye on the market

The Passionned Parabola™ for BI & Analytics is a useful tool to assess the market position of all the major Business Intelligence vendors. Which companies are doing well? Are they real leaders, challengers, or are they merely followers, or are they are in the danger zone? What are their strengths and weaknesses? There is a lot of information on the internet, but how do you find out exactly what is correct?

How can you look at the market?

The Passionned Parabola™ has the shape of a parabola with a symmetrical axis. This figure was chosen because of the symmetry, the focal point (F), and in general it is a reference to geometry. Because that is what we have done; not just lots of talk, we are not paid by the suppliers, there is no magic as with other agencies, no intuition, we just let the hard facts speak for themselves, with a clear vision:

Passionned Parabola BI & Analytics 2019

Figure: the Passionned Parabola for BI & Analytics

  • Internally: the y-axis is measured by examining all the features and functions, and validating them. This indicates the maturity of the BI product portfolio.
  • Externally: the x-axis is measured by the User eXperience (UX) and the degree of product integration. Two related aspects that are of great importance from the user point of view.

In total, 197 evaluation criteria form the basis of the data collection. The results are assessed, analyzed, interpreted and are visualized in the Passionned Parabola™.

Making the right decision

As a decision maker you want clear answers to important questions. The Passionned Parabola™ helps you as a manager, consultant or investor in making the right decisions and also helps you with the following issues:

  • My client wants to start with Business Analytics, what tools can I wholeheartedly recommend taking their wishes and requirements into consideration?
  • Your company has a BI solution, but you are not satisfied with it and want to select and purchase another BI / analytics platform.
  • Your organization has a variety of Business Intelligence tools and you want to migrate towards preferably just one BI platform.
  • You want to get started with Data Science & Big Data and want to select and purchase the best solution for this.
  • You want to select the best performance management & dashboard solution.
  • You are considering buying shares in one of the suppliers and you are wondering which supplier has the most chances for (long-term) returns.

The Passionned Parabola™ offers you the right tool for all these issues.

Spotlight on the suppliers

Spotlight on the suppliersFrom the focal point, a spotlight is cast on the various suppliers. The followers and the challengers are fully in the spotlight. They are (still) working wisely and following the market or are trying to expel the leaders from their positions. By being more innovative than them or providing an outstanding User eXperience (UX). The leaders admittedly do not receive the full spotlight (penumbra), but they have enough energy and light (vision) to shine themselves. They are a shining example to others. Companies in the leftmost portion are also in the penumbra. However, these companies are in a danger zone and are feeling their way more or less in the dark, or have lost their ambitions and focus, or are still too immature.

General conclusions of the Passionned Parabola™

  1. The more mature a solution is, the more likely it is to end up in the danger zone. That also makes sense; the more functionality, the harder it is to stay user-friendly. The more products there are, the harder it is to let them work well together. In general, the younger it is, the more attractive it is.
  2. Therefore, suppliers in top right corner of the parabola are very attractive, mature companies with substance. The best of both worlds.
  3. Companies in or close to the danger zone can still become attractive to prospects if their pricing is competitive. However, they will not shift to the right with this.
  4. The positioning came about through looking from our vision in the field at how Business Intelligence & Analytics should work in organizations (Data Science for Decision-Makers) and how software should support it optimally. That includes, among other things, a seamless integration of reporting, analysis, data discovery, and advanced analytics.
  5. At the top of the parabola there are products / platforms that are able to support all maturity levels of BI: from reporting to analysis, from data discovery and dashboarding to highly advanced analytics. That some suppliers do not end up on the corresponding maturity level where they would most like to have positioned themselves has to do with the fact that they are missing crucial elements of functionality at the lower levels, and therefore end up just falling through the cracks.
  6. With the horizontal positioning, it should not be implied that specific, stand-alone products – components of a complete suite – from companies on the left-hand side cannot be user-friendly in themselves. That they integrate well speaks for itself; it only concerns one product, after all.
  7. It is not surprising that almost all the leaders in the parabola concentrate 100% on Business Intelligence & Data Analytics.
  8. It is a big challenge to attain that same kind of focus for the large IT giants. Since they are too big to fail, there is no need to worry about continuity. However, it should not be a surprise when their Business Analytics unit doesn’t yield good returns and often requires more money. They do expect, however, that the huge investments they make in the Cloud, Big Data, and Analytics areas should pay off at some point.

Customer experiences

“We are getting a lot of value out of the Business Intelligence Tools Survey to help us choose a new tool. Really great work!”

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“The BI Tools Survey from the Passionned Group was very interesting for our work.”

Lígia Maria Ribeiro PhD
Director IT
University of Porto

The Business Intelligence Tools Survey 2019

For a deeper look at the results of the Passionned Parabola and its underlying data, please download our Business Intelligence Tools Survey, a guide of no less than 210 pages packed with useful information, where everything is explained in detail about the suppliers and their BI solutions. Read more…

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