10 reasons to buy our BI Tools Survey | 100% vendor-neutral
Why should you buy the Business Intelligence Tools Survey? It will give you true insight in the strengths and weaknesses of the BI tools.

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Why buy the Business Intelligence Tools Survey?

What makes our BI Tools Survey unique?

The 100% vendor-independent BI Tools survey is conducted by Passionned Group, a research company and consultancy, specializing in Business Intelligence and data integration. Our survey (first established in 2007) will give you true insight into the strengths and weaknesses of business intelligence tools, as well as their vendors.

✓ No vendor bias

The Business Intelligence Tools Survey 2019 does not contain any vendor bias and business intelligence vendors do not pay to be included. We have been monitoring the business intelligence market for many years.

✓ We have validated all the answers (197 questions)

Vendors were asked to demonstrate the product features in an environment with live data. PowerPoints were not accepted, and to leave no doubts, we validate all the answers by comparing it to the manuals and usage experiences from the user and developer community.

Customer testimonial

“The Business Intelligence Tools Survey from the Passionned Group has been immediately useful to me in selecting the right BI platform for our company.”

Richard Silverstein
Sweet & Maxwell Group

✓ Find out the vendor’s ‘secrets’

Vendors will often only tell you about the strengths of their product(s). Our survey reveals all of their features, including the weak points.

✓ Negotiate better with vendors

Using the survey, you will be in a better position to negotiate better pricing and conditions for the product. The vendor comparison is based on fifteen categories and 197 key evaluation criteria.

✓ All the detailed survey data available

The Business Intelligence Tools Survey 2019 (Enterprise Edition) comes with all the details. At the end of the report you will find a comparison matrix with all the products compared on all the criteria.

✓ Immediate insight into how the tools score

Graphs show you in seconds how the different Business Intelligence tools scored on different categories and subcategories, making for easy comparisons. A few examples:

Example IBM Cognos

Example IBM Cognos Analytics

Example MicroStrategy

Example MicroStrategy

Example Pentaho Business Analytics

Example Pentaho BI Analytics

✓ Compact report with clear expert opinions

Our 100% independent report contains clear opinions and recommendations, no redundant information, and focuses on the things that really matter.

✓ Full market coverage

With 19 business intelligence tools (list) covered, we cover all the major Business Intelligence tools, and at least 90% of the market space. The niche players Arcplan, Spotfire, Talend, Actuate, and Panorama software were not included, because they refused to fill out the questionnaire and we need the vendor’s cooperation to include them in our survey.

Customer testimonial

“We are getting a lot of value out of the Business Intelligence Tools Survey to help us choose a new tool. Really great work!”

Adam Warner
Software Manager
Texas Education Agency

✓ Future prospects

The Business Intelligence tools are not only assessed by where they are now. The survey also attempts to measure their future prospects, unraveling the degree of innovation of the vendors one by one. We show you which products are most likely to survive in the future, leaving you with sustainable Business Intelligence solutions.

✓ Clear ease-of-use opinions

Our experts evaluated the product usability, giving you a profound view of how easy-to-use (or not) the product really is. The report tells you that some products are better used by programmers, while other products are also suitable for the business user.

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About Daan van Beek

Daan van Beek is the CEO of the Passionned Group and is a well known speaker on Business Intelligence, an experienced trainer and an independent consultant. He was born in the Netherlands, is the author of four management books including Data Science for Decision-Makers & Data Professionals.

If you have any questions about our Business Intelligence Tools Survey, please send a message to Daan van Beek.

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