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In the research paper ‘Business Intelligence Pitfalls & Success factors’, you will find the results of an extensive three-year study into the success factors of Business Intelligence. The study was started to gain more insight into which factors actually determine the success (or lack thereof) of these initiatives. In this clearly-written research paper you will discover the secrets of success for Business Intelligence.

At least three out of five implementations fail

The research showed that succeeding with Business Intelligence tools is not easy. At least three out of five implementations fail, mostly due to not incorporating Business Intelligence in the planning & control cycle (adjusting norms and targets, using information for analysis and action).

On the other hand, companies that succeed with business intelligence demonstrate that when it is successful, financial results can improve dramatically.

The biggest pitfalls in Business Intelligence

The most critical success factors for Business IntelligenceThis research paper shows in-depth insights into the biggest pitfalls and success factors of Business Intelligence. It will give you tips and guidance to make Business Intelligence genuinely successful. The characteristics of both high-performing and under-performing organizations were compared in relation to the use and success of Business Intelligence. Below you’ll find the list of critical success factors that emerged from our research.

Most critical success factors

  • Regular evaluation and adjustment of standards and targets
  • Consistent use of information for analysis and action
  • Using information for the purpose of process improvements and innovation

Very important success factors

  • Information is tuned to target groups and organizational roles
  • Active involvement of top management (daily) with Business Intelligence
  • Negative or positive performances are discussed
  • Focus on customer and process, particularly through CRM

Important success factors

  • Close tracking of competitors, new legislation, and new technologies
  • Incentive (Bonus) payments for both (top) managers and employees
  • The Board encourages innovation, which leads to concrete products
  • Sharing information using reporting tools as a platform with business partners

Somewhat important success factors

  • Using management models in order to develop the organization
  • Regular inventory of (new) user requirements
  • Unambiguous definitions of indicators and data
  • Encourage focus on performance

Learn how to be more successful

In this research paper you will learn:

  • what the success rates are in the public and private sectors
  • the 15 most critical success factors of Business Intelligence software
  • why Business Intelligence needs support from senior management to succeed

You don’t have to make the same mistakes that other companies have made. Order this research paper today, make your Business Intelligence more successful, and gain more ROI on business Intelligence tools. The paper is 15 pages long and is illustrated with graphs, tables, best practices and expert opinions. Price: EUR 49 excluding Sales Tax.

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