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Jury Report of Dutch BI Award 2015

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Jury Report of Dutch BI Award 2015 and the Smartest Organization of the NetherlandsOn December 3, the 9th selection of the ‘Smartest Organization of the Netherlands’ along with the corresponding awarding of the Dutch Business Intelligence Award 2015 was conducted. Noord-Holland-Noord (North Holland) Safety Region was named as the winner. They took home both the public award and the jury award. The jury reports and justifies their choices.¬†An intelligent, agile organization

BI has developed significantly

The field of Business Intelligence (BI) has developed significantly in recent years. It is increasingly used both as a tool to incrementally implement improvements and to innovate. Ten years ago the emphasis was on the use of smart technology to unlock data, especially in terms understanding the organization better. Today, the emphasis is on the advanced combination of smart management and the structural use of business analytics in supply chain processes. The major drivers of this new emphasis are the ever increasing turbulence and uncertainty that affect organizational operations today. This makes it increasingly complicated for future developments to be noted. The time remaining for the organization to react is short, often too short. Adequately implemented Business Intelligence helps the organization to be properly informed as soon as possible; the smart organizing and re-designing of processes are mandatory prerequisites to respond quickly. Timely informing and short reaction times are the two key conditions for a smart, agile organization.

Briefly, the emphasis is on deliberately creating an intelligent, data-driven, and agile organization. The three nominees for the Dutch BI Award 2015 are excellent examples.

Innovation and continuous improvement with data

There is a strong correlation between improved performance, the successful application of Business Intelligence, and the ambition level of an organization. A higher ambition level requires more comprehensive intelligence management. The higher the ambition level, the closer the collaboration must be between the disciplines of Business Intelligence, Data Management, Change Management, Innovation Management, and Strategic Management. Eventually, these management activities coincide almost completely at the highest ambition level. Only then can an organization be truly ‘intelligent’. Each of the three nominees demonstrated in their own way how the integrated approach could be implemented skillfully.

In addition to these similarities, the Jury also perceived differences between the nominees and, after a careful deliberation, the Jury declared the ‘Smartest Organization of the Netherlands 2015’ to be:

The winner: Noord-Holland-Noord Safety Region

The NHN Safety Region, in collaboration with cardiologists of Alkmaar Medical Center, the emergency unit, and ambulance care teams developed a smart dashboard where data from different sources comes together for analysis and visualization. In this way, the safety region managed to substantially reduce response time for acute heart attack care. The NHN Safety Region reduced the total Call-to-Balloon (surgery) time by as much as 20 minutes (standard time: 120 minutes). This is a phenomenal and life saving solution, especially for Emergency Care, where every second counts. And it is of great public interest, too.

NHN Safety Region features:

  • A system where all process steps follow each other clearly and logically.
  • From the call to the emergency unit to the ambulance journey and the operation in the hospital
  • The Safety Region’s Business Intelligence is 100% focused on continuous improvement
  • Improvements with the dashboard focused on faster turnaround in emergency care
  • The total time for Call-to-Balloon (surgery) was reduced by 20 minutes.
  • This is a phenomenal, life saving, and innovative solution in a service chains where every second counts.

The Jury was particularly impressed by the cohesion in interconnecting the interests of the organization, the public, employees, supply chain partners, and citizens thanks to the smart use of available data and new technology. The Jury also praised the innovative nature of the developed dashboard for the monitoring and in-depth analysis features it offers. When the NHN Safety Region learned that the delivery of the cardiac patient to the emergency unit was too slow, they did not hesitate to change the process. They now bring the patients directly to the correct operating room.

It is a striking fact that the NHN Safety Region managed to have a particularly large impact with relatively limited resources. The Jury believes it is a great achievement for the safety region to have managed to involve the chain partners in this initiative. The return on Business Intelligence is quite high. In conclusion, it was emphasized in awarding the prize that the dashboard can be successfully used outside cardiology and can be of great interest to other safety regions. The Westfriesgasthuis Neurology Department in Hoorn has also adopted such a dashboard for their use. Time is just as crucial for the treatment of stroke patients (‘time is brain’). The Acute Obstetrics focus group of the AMC and VUmc also want to establish such a system for their emergency birth care. Read more…

The two other finalists

In alphabetical order.

Rituals Cosmetics

Thanks to mature Business Intelligence and advanced data analytics, Rituals Cosmetics is able to open 1.6 stores per week. The Jury admired the seasoned application of and good return on BI because retail is characterized by trial-and-error. Thanks to BI, the combination of tenacity and dynamism means that Rituals can upscale further in competitive advantage and market share.


  • All layers of the organization are involved in all the numbers, analysis, and forecasts
  • Organization-wide support for and implementation of Business Intelligence
  • Real-time data analytics as a source of information, but primarily as a source of inspiration
  • The focus is not on what’s wrong, but on what can be improved.
  • A sound social infrastructure and data-driven agility
  • As a result, Rituals can now deliver top-performance, which includes opening 1.6 stores per week

The Jury appreciated Rituals for being able to convert their vision of BI into the correct numbers and one version of the truth. The first steps in the area of predictive models used for capacity planning are also promising. This is an achievement many retailers will have noted. The combination of gentle inspiration and hard facts, in particular, stands out and deserves the Jury’s appreciation in terms of bringing these two elements even closer together. The Jury also encouraged Rituals to follow up on the steps they’ve taken and to embed Business Intelligence even better in the store organization in order to stimulate bottom-up management and local entrepreneurship.


Within Tempo-Team, part of the Randstad Group Netherlands, BI has been made tangible with Sales Navigator, a user-friendly app. The app enables intelligent matching of job seekers with employers. The accessibility of the app makes it easy for everyone to identify and to interpret data. With the resulting insights, all employees are empowered to optimize both integrated and short-cycle matching between jobseekers and employers on a daily basis. This is vital for a rapidly changing market and it takes courage.


  • Tempo-Team provides data that can be easily identified and interpreted by anyone
  • The resulting insights empower all employees
  • This creates a better match between job seekers and employers
  • Continuous improvement: daily integrated and short-cycle optimization
  • A significant step has been taken towards a more Data-Driven Randstad
  • The size of an oil tanker, they behave like an agile speedboat.

The innovative content of the developed app with an underlying open source data infrastructure and consultants consistently using data for smart matching makes Tempo-Team an intelligent, learning organization, according to the Jury. In a market with stiff competition and demographic shifts emerging at a rapid pace, the Jury finds it commendable and encouraging that Tempo-Team has chosen to seriously invest in Data Science. Arming themselves with BI against the increasing market volatility ensures business stability and growth. According to the Jury, the underlying vision for data-driven Tempo-Team can only mean that the company has taken the right path. Especially since there is a lot of enthusiasm to help people find a job. That’s why the Jury considers the nomination of Tempo-Team for the Smartest Organization of the Netherlands as an incentive to further develop and refine company-wide Business Intelligence (for all disciplines).

The jury process

The selection of the ‘Smartest Organization of the Netherlands 2015’ was launched in the spring of 2015 with the opening of applicant selection. A list with more than 80 criteria, jointly created by a group of scientists and Business Intelligence experts, serves as the yardstick from which to choose applicants. This list includes criteria that reveal the extent to which information may be thoroughly analyzed, integrated, and used to improve business results, as well as continuously and permanently improve them. At all levels in the organization. It’s not a one-off exercise, but a continuous building up of a company-wide information infrastructure, both in technological and commercial terms. In spring 2015, the applicants signed up on the website www.slimsteorganisatie.nl, encouraged to do so by various publicity initiatives. Registration included filling out a detailed questionnaire based on the Jury criteria, as well as more general business information and motivation. As a result, a total of 59 entries were registered at the time of the registration closing on August 31, 2015.

Several selection rounds brought the number of applicants down to six. They were invited to an interview, which included a presentation plus questions by the Jury. The interview took place on October 7, in the Restaurant Belle van Zuylen, Utrecht. A comprehensive discussion and analysis subsequently led to a shortlist of three finalists: Noord-Holland Noord Safety region, Tempo-Team, and Rituals Cosmetics.

About the Jury

The independent expert Jury was chaired by the author Menno Lanting, whose publications include “The Smart Organization” and “Oil Tankers and Speedboats”. The other Jury members include: Daan van Beek, founder and managing director of the Passionned Group and the author of “The Intelligent Organization”; Rens de Jong, presenter at BNR news radio; Mr. Leo Kerklaan, associate partner at Passionned Group and author of “The Organization’s Cockpit”; Dr. Lotte Willemsen, lecturer at the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences and researcher in the field of Electronic Word of Mouth; Prof. Dr. Piet M.A. Ribbers, Professor of Information Management and member of the Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TIAS); Gerard Struijf MBA RM, CMO BrainStax BV, co-founder of H3ROES, ambassador for the Customer-Oriented Enterprise Platform and publicist of books and articles on customer orientation, BI and CRM; Ricardo Weewer, former Managing Director of the Fire Department Amsterdam-Amstelland, winner of the Dutch BI Award in 2013.

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